Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Summer in the City

Football news is gearing up, and if football season is almost here that means hockey season is just around the corner.

Hockey News & Rants

The Other Nashville Hockey Team to Know: the Sled Preds | On the Forecheck
One of our new OTF writers Ann K had a chance to catch up with the Nashville Sled Preds. She’s covered everything you need to know about the other local hockey team.

Also I just need to take a minute to brag on the content from our new OTF staff—our newest team members have been killing it. I can’t wait to see what they do once it’s actually hockey season.

Paul Fenton Can't Hurt The Minnesota Wild Anymore | Deadspin
Minnesota let Paul Fenton carry them through the draft and free agency before deciding it was time to part ways.

They let him make that weird comment about lizards and then let him hang around for a month before deciding to part ways.

Minnesota is wild.

That’s it...all this time we’ve been wondering what a Wild is, and it turns out it’s just Minnesota.

Tampa Bay Lightning acquire Mike Condon for Ryan Callahan | Raw Charge
This is an interesting move, but flex that cap math Tampa!

Cap math and strategy should be a sport.

Has the contract math changed for Matt Murray and the Penguins? | PensBurgh
Let’s see here...yeah...ok...deduct that...carry the one...and uh huh...yep...the Penguins are definitely going to overpay Matt Murray.

Why the Detroit Red Wings could beat bookmakers' low expectations | Detroit Free Press
As someone who didn’t even realize the expectations for Detroit were low, I say bet on them anyways.

As someone who doesn’t know anything about sports betting, don’t take my advice.

NHL rumors: Wild fire GM Paul Fenton; Could Devils’ Tom Fitzgerald be his successor? |
For an organization that let Paul Fenton carry them through the draft and free agency they sure do move on fast. Though if we’re looking at this from a rational standpoint they should have gone with Tom Fitzgerald in the first place, but that’s neither here nor there...

‘The new normal’: Why fighting in the NHL has dropped to historic lows | ESPN
If there’s anyone we should be taking seriously when it comes to moving away from fighting in the NHL, it’s a guy who spent most of his NHL career fighting. As a retired NHL enforcer, Dan Carcillo is fighting the NHL on fighting, and he’s drawing attention to all the things that matter. Things the NHL should be paying attention to, like CTE and head trauma.

Luke Hughes following brothers Jack and Quinn on path to NHL | SportsNet
Jack Hughes hasn’t even made his NHL debut and teams are already looking to draft his little brother.

Aren’t hockey families fun?

Kunitz retires as player, hired by Blackhawks in player development | NHL
Chris Kunitz played for Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, and Chicago, and he’s retiring with four Stanley Cups and a NHL job. I may have hated half the teams he played for, but that’s a helluva career!