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Last Night in Review: Impekkable Goaltending Allows Preds the Win | On the Forecheck
Rachel and Kate recapped everything you needed to see during Game 3, to get you caught up before Game 4.

NHL Playoffs: Nashville Predators fans thank Pekka Rinne after Game 3 win | The Tennessean
I know a lot of fans of other teams like to discount Pekka Rinne, I get it, I do. But at the end of the day, he doesn't just put the team on his back every game, he puts the entire city of Nashville on his back and goes to work.

He's in a league of his own on and off the ice, and no one deserves a Stanley Cup more than he does.

They Said It: Best Quotes from the Preds Ahead of Game 3 | NHL
“I said [to Hamhuis], ‘I might have to play tonight,’ and he said, ‘you might have to or you get to?’ And that just resonated with me right there.”

I mean I’m ready to play and I wasn’t even there but I’m ready to go too, put me in coach!

Also stick taps to Hammer for the subtle motivation.

NHL playoffs: 3 things to know for Predators vs. Stars Game 4 | The Tennessean
Honestly I've been real optimistic about the Preds in the past, and admittedly not so much in this series. I picked them to win but I've had my doubts. If they could give my over-caffeinated heart a break and just keep it together until this series is over I'll be most grateful.

Lightning-Blue Jackets report card: 62 wins that didn’t mean a thing | Tampa Bay Times
I’ve been saying it for the past few seasons, but there’s always just been something missing for me in Tampa Bay. I don’t know what it is, but even winning the Presidents’ Trophy and having the season that they did, I just never felt a spark from them that this year will be their year. I don’t think I’ll ever feel that, not even when they finally get there.

Regardless I know this has to hurt their fans. Nashville’s been there, I’ve felt that disappointment. All that hard work over the past nine months and it means nothing after the span of a week. It’s a brutal feeling, but it will pass.

You have to be happy for Columbus too though. I counted them out, I really did. I thought they were going to make all those trades and be a complete bust, but they rallied and beat the odds. Nashville’s been there too. I remember that feeling of sweeping the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round in 2017. A scrappy underdog team that had no business in the playoffs and they changed everything. That’s a feeling that stays with you, regardless of the next outcome. Enjoy the ride, Columbus!

Islanders on to 2nd round of NHL playoffs with sweep of Penguins | New York Post
I may not have called the sweep but I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, knew Barry Trotz’s team would send Pittsburgh packing another year. It probably makes me the pettiest person in the world, but I’ll always feel like Trotz is avenging Nashville for the 2017 Cup Final as long as he keeps this up.

This is a huge win for the Isles too. They were a broken team after John Tavares left for Toronto. I think everyone expected a few rebuilding years before they got back to the playoffs, and they’re thriving.

Their fans should probably lay off Tavares though, it’s cringe-worthy. Enjoy the ride and revel in the fact that they did it without him.

Don’t blame Alex Ovechkin for the injury to Andrei Svechnikov, blame fighting in the NHL | NBC Sports Washington
Here’s the thing: if a 19-year-old kid wants to cut his teeth with his first NHL fight...slashing Alex Ovechkin during the playoffs...that’ll do it. From my perspective it looks like he provoked Ovi, and honestly instead of trying to stand his ground or whatever he was trying to do, he should have let it go. This was not a smart move by Svechnikov. He may have had a better chance poking a sleeping bear.

Should the veteran have let it go as well? Probably, but it’s the playoffs, the tension and frustrations in these games is on another level. No one is letting anything go, especially not the defending Cup champions. To be fair I honestly don’t believe even in the regular season Ovechkin is going to let a kid push up on him like that and get away with it.

It’s a bad situation that Svechnikov is hurt, but that’s the risk you take when you fight in this league.


NHL playoffs: No reason league should continue allowing fighting | USA Today
Regardless of how you feel about fighting in hockey, it's never really going to go away until the NHL makes it go away.

The game has changed, and it's faster and there isn't as much room for the enforcer as there used to be, but gritty players are learning how to evolve. Just because there isn't a textbook enforcer on the team doesn't mean a key player isn't going to stand up for their teammate if they think they have to.

Until the NHL decides to take a hard stance, this is the culture of this game and a long-standing tradition that weighs heavy on that type of decision.

Todd McLellan Named Head Coach of LA Kings | NHL
NHL Coaches Revolving Door season is also still in full swing.