Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: The Summer of 95

Summertime and the livin’ is easy in Nashville. David Poile finally got his man, and Smashville is ready for hockey again.

Hockey News & Rants

How the NHL’s Central Division stands after free agency 2019 | On the Forecheck
Kate takes a look at what moves the rest of the Central Division made during free agency. Some teams made money moves. Meanwhile I think Minnesota adopted a pet lizard or something?

Someone check on Paul Fenton.

A look back at David Poile’s biggest trades with the Nashville Predators | On the Forecheck
David Poile may not have been able to predict what would come of some of these trades, but hindsight is 20/20. Sarah takes a look back at some of the biggest trades in Preds’ history.

Personally the Filip Forsberg one will always make me chuckle. There’s no way anyone could have predicted how that would play out for Nashville.

Nashville welcomes Matt Duchene after he signs with Predators | The Tennessean
It feels like we’ve been welcoming Matt Duchene to Nashville since the 2016 All-Star Game. Welcome home buddy, now let’s go get this Cup!

Former Lightning forward Brian Boyle looking for a new city | Tampa Bay Times
It appears Brian Boyle is no longer a Nashville Predator. I’m not surprised given the current roster situation, but I would have preferred him over the likes of some of the other bottom six. I hope he finds a solid place to land. Seems like there’s still a lot of love for him in Tampa Bay.

NHL Free Agency 2019: Day 1 Winners And Losers | Forbes
Ah yes, my favorite part of the free agency aftermath, debating to the ends of the earth who the winners and losers are.

We can’t tell who really won until the season starts, but I think we can all agree that Minnesota definitely lost something.

Seriously...someone check on Paul Fenton.

Blue Jackets decimated on first day of NHL free agency | Yahoo Sports
Decimated might be putting it lightly. Does Columbus even have a team anymore? It’s not for lack of trying--I imagine they threw everything including a few kitchen sinks at Artemi Panarin, Matt Duchene, and Sergei Bobrovsky—but at the end of the day everyone knew that it was probably not going to happen.

Sometimes you go big or go home, and then sometimes you go home and said home leaves you for $10 million and a big city in free agency. okay?

Maple Leafs-Avalanche trade debated by | NHL
I’m not here for the trade debate. I am here to declare that we have to shut Colorado down.

They’re looking scary. How did this happen?

NHL Free Agency: 10 things we learned on a crazy July 1 | NBC Sports
I like it when teams get what they want, and by that I mean I like it when teams that my team doesn’t have to play more than twice a year get what they want. Good for the Rangers and the Panthers.

I’m mad that Dallas landed Joe Pavelski but find it hilarious that they also ended up with Corey choice. We’ve done this dance with Dallas every off-season for what feels like a decade and so far it hasn’t gotten them past the second round.

Chicago is a revolving door of glory-years rosters and I don’t know what to make of that. It hasn’t worked out so far, but maybe this time the patchwork team of the Blackhawks of yesteryear will work out.

LOL @ Pittsburgh they should have just kept Phil Kessel.

And lastly, everyone putting aside their differences and agreeing that Minnesota is a mess is the kind of solidarity that warms my heart.

Hurricanes expected to match Sebastian Aho $42M US offer sheet | CBC Sports
This is the chaos I live for. Montreal probably should have made a bigger offer, especially knowing there was no way Carolina was just going to let Aho go without a fight.

Either way, Aho wins. He either gets to stay a Cane and continue to be a jerk and have all the fun or he gets to go to Montreal and play hockey with Shea Weber. It’s an absolute win either way!

Oilers seek another goal-scorer through trade, not free agency | NHL
Uhh...are the Oilers trying to send Poile a smoke signal or something? Didn’t he just say the exact same thing Monday?

Marner has Maple Leafs ready after Aho gets offer sheet | NHL
The fact that Mitch Marner hasn’t received an offer sheet is surprising. I guess it’s not the norm to go around handing out offer sheets, but Toronto clearly expected one.

They have to be expecting another huge payout to keep Marner, one that could potentially eat up the majority if not all of their remaining cap space. It seems unlikely they’re prepared to get Marner at a bargain so I look for them to make a trade to keep him for the long haul.

NHL claims Montador’s brain injuries caused by his ‘own lack of due care and fault’ | TSN
Honestly, the NHL’s handling of these cases is disturbing. Despite what they believe is or isn’t their fault, a player that spent over a decade in their league lost his life at 35 years old. They need to show some respect; his death shouldn’t be in vain. Take the necessary steps to protect players and help them transition into life after the game, especially a life that’s going to be riddled with health complications. I don’t think that’s too much to ask of a league that says they’re constantly trying to be better and evolve.