Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Times Like These

The Nashville Predators are headed for their fifth consecutive playoff appearance. The road may have been downright ugly at times, but it’s still an impressive accomplishment.

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Better Together: An Analytical Look at the JOFA Line - Part II | On the Forecheck
Shaun and guest contributor Bryan Bastin talk about everyone's favorite subject, the JOFA line!

JOFA Today

JOFA Tomorrow

JOFA Till I Die.

I don’t even care about the stats...okay, I do care about the stats...but you know what I mean.


Surprise, surprise: Turns out Devan Dubnyk had good reason for leaving net | SKOR North
It made no sense at the time, but Dubnyk made a smart move.

I still think he’s one of whiniest players in the league, but at least he’s smart.

NHL Global Series Returns To Help Grow Hockey In Europe | Forbes
It’s interesting to look at this as growing hockey in Europe, considering a large margin of NHL players are from Europe.

NHL draft 2019: Mock for lottery teams; Cole Caufield sizzles | USA Today
Tiny hockey players are about to take over the league.

The NHL Should Resist The Pressure To Change Its Playoff Format | Forbes
It’s that time of year where everyone starts debating the NHL playoff format relentlessly until it’s October again.

An annual reminder of the current NHL playoff format’s flaws | TSN
It’s always good to view both sides of the argument. Alas, if the league is really trying to drive home the rivalries and blood feuds that are forged during the playoffs I imagine the current playoff format is here to stay.

31 Thoughts: Will NHL players fight for change to playoff format? | SportsNet
An interesting changeup to the annual playoff format debate is hearing what the players think of the format. There’s no one else the format affects more than them so it’s interesting to hear their thoughts. Although it kind of sounds like they aren’t all that happy with it.

NHL Playoff Picture 2019: Current Matchups, Standings and Seeds | Sports Illustrated
It might be a bit of a stretch, but I don’t hate the idea of the Preds playing St. Louis in the first round. Sure it could spell immediate doom for Nashville, since there is no telling which Preds team is going to show up any given night. For whatever reason Nashville thrives when their backs are against the wall.

It’s somehow both the most amazing and worst quality to have in a team.

NHL playoff picture: Flyers are down and almost out | NBC Philadelphia
This is unacceptable. They must get Gritty to the playoffs. I demand it.

Sharks’ Erik Karlsson now skating every other day as NHL playoffs loom | NBC Sports
Erik Karlsson’s return would be a huge addition to the Sharks’ already tough roster, but I’m always skeptical of any player who pushes himself back from injury too quickly just for the playoffs.

If he comes back too soon, will he be in peak condition? It’s always the risk players and teams run this time of year.

Stanley Cup Playoff Buzz: Coyotes eye second wild card in West | NHL
What a comeback story. Feels like just yesterday Arizona was a sure bet for relocation.

Wild need Fiala to do just a bit less | Grand Forks Herald
I think Minnesota is going to discover they need Fiala to do a lot of things over the course of his tenure there. Getting him to actually do those things will be the biggest test.

Honestly there should be a worst in the league tournament. I’d watch.