Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Trade Winds

The Predators might be selling, but the real question will be who’s buying?

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From Untouchable to Trade Bait: Where the Predators rank ahead of the trade deadline | On the Forecheck
Sarah does a great job of breaking down who is on the chopping block, who is trade bait, and who the team will have to carry with them at least until the summer. You’re going to want to read through her sound and thorough reasoning behind every tier as we move closer to the trade deadline.

Brace yourselves: at least one of your favorites is probably on his way out of town before the deadline passes.

Nashville Predators All-Decade Awards, Round 2: Individual Honors | On the Forecheck
Bobby is taking us down memory lane with some of the very best of everything Nashville Predators for the last decade. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face while simultaneously bringing tears to your eyes I don’t know what will. This team has gone through a lot and grown so much. They grow up so fast.

Side note, try to read through this and try to tell me you don’t miss having Shea Weber around.

Nick Bonino nails exactly why the Nashville Predators are falling out of contention | AtoZ Sports
There’s something about the current Predators team that doesn’t mesh well, and it hasn’t for a while. If it ever did? Did they? I’m not even sure anymore.

I’m not here to speculate on personalities clashing in the room. We’re past that; at this point that’s nonsense. To be perfectly honest, other, much higher-paid athletes in other leagues have blood feuds for years and win championships together. Find another excuse because that ain’t it.

Whatever it is, it’s going to ruin this team and take them out of playoff contention for more than just this season if they can’t find the solution. At this point, I don’t know what it is, but it’s the most frustrating thing I’ve seen in years. The pieces are there, but for whatever reason they don’t seem to want to fit.

Maybe you have to drop this team in the middle of the woods for three days and let them fight their way back to civilization together. Who knows, but for the first time ever I’m saying time is running out on this team. You either win it in the next season or two or you’re looking at another very long stretch of time before people are throwing around terms like “Cup Contenders” again.

If This Season Goes Sideways, the Predators Will Have to Ask Themselves Some Tough Questions | Sports Illustrated
If? If it goes sideways?

They fired their head coach days after the Winter Classic...this season has already gone sideways and stayed there.

We’re past if this season—we’re in the if happened and now it’s all hands on deck to regroup and stay afloat.

The Return of John Hynes: A Pre-Preview of New Jersey Devils vs. Nashville Predators | All About The Jersey
How long do you think John Hynes can go as the Predators’ Head Coach before someone asks him about/mentions the Weber–Subban trade?

Predators facing difficult road in playoff push | NBC Sports
“The door is still open, but it is closing fast.”

This is going to become the Predators’ new slogan unless they find a way to be quicker than the door closing in their faces.

You have to hear Brett Hull mic’ed up at the 2020 NHL All-Star Game | KSDK News
The All-Star Game might be losing its curb appeal. It’s undoubtably in need of some updating to stay relevant and fun for the players and fans, and having guys like Brett Hull around might just be a start.

The league has to find a way to show their players (past and present!) have personality or the All-Star Game is going to become a cringe-worthy borefest no one, not even the fans, have interest in.

Flyers will meet with NHL in effort to reduce back-to-back games, improve schedule | The Philadelphia Inquirer
I watch one back to back and I’m down for the week. Meanwhile teams across the league are forced to play back-to-backs like it’s nothing. Philly has 17 this season.


Why on earth would you subject a team to that? Meanwhile, how do they manage it? That’s not only taxing on the team, it’s taxing on their fans.

I know no professional sports team is perfect, but the league needs to do right by all teams and at least make the back-to-backs even across the board. Surely that’s not too much for any team to ask?

25 NHL trade candidates you’ll hear about before the deadline | SportsNet
Trade everyone!

Hear me out, instead of trade deadlines let’s just do a team swap for a week and see what happens. Send half the Nashville Predators to Chicago and send half of Chicago to Nashville.

What’s the worst that could happen? can go ahead and add this to the list of reasons I’ll never be the Commish.