Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Views

At least Toronto didn't turn that six into a nine.

All Drake references aside, last night did not go well for Nashville.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators' Pekka Rinne day-to-day with injury - The Tennessean
Despite all the controversy surrounding Rinne going into this season, his loss is always felt. Hopefully this is a maintenance day to day and there is no cause for alarm.

P.K. Subban slowly coming into his own with the Nashville Predators - The Globe and Mail
"We're just trying to find our stride together as a pair. It's getting better every game. It's a matter of getting used to where he's at...That's what takes a few games to get into. That's something we're working on." Honestly, Mattias Ekholm probably never imaged that he would become P.K. Subban's defensive partner.

P.K. and the Predators a work in progress - Article - TSN
"I'm a firm believer that you have to make yourself uncomfortable and learn to be able to produce and execute at a high level when you're uncomfortable because the Stanley Cup final Game 7 is not a comfortable environment." Subban has a really positive attitude despite the fact that the Predators have been slow to start this season.

Other Hockey News & Notes

IIHF suddenly finds money to fund NHL's participation in 2018 Olympics - Toronto Sun
The old, if you hold out long enough they'll give you what you want trick. If this is not what the NHL was going for can someone tell me how to casually and legally find $10 to $20 million?

Fans ride the ups and downs of country's NHL teams - NHL on CBC Sports
2016-2017 is turning out to be a beacon of light for Canadian teams and their fans.

Concerns about expansion draft shenanigans rear their ugly head at GMs meetings in Toronto -
The expansion draft is already confusing enough to fans. I can't imagine being a GM who has to make critical decisions on which players to protect all while hoping other GMs don't pull the rug out from under you and snatch up your UFA that you had a verbal deal with to sign after the expansion draft. This will probably happen.

Russell Wilson discusses effort to bring NHL, NBA to Seattle -
I'm still surprised that Las Vegas is getting a team before Seattle. But maybe the NHL was just waiting for Russell Wilson to make a play at being the GM?

Blue Jackets defenseman will be the lowest-paid player in the NHL after bankruptcy settlement -
This is probably one of the saddest stories to finally come to a close. Sure Jack Johnson isn't going to starve by any means but the fact that his own family had a hand in this, is an awful reality of the sports world.

Fan makes crucial error when ordering custom NHL jerseys | FOX Sports
I have so many questions. Please don't do this fam. Please don't make this a trend.

Five NHL story lines that deserve more attention: Are the Devils for real? - USA Today
There's some hot takery here, tread lightly.

What was the most ridiculous thing that happened last night?

Mike Fisher Taking a 17 Minute Seat in the Sin Bin91
Pekka Rinne Being Out With Injury...Because How Dare He?!?3
Viktor Arvidsson's Glorious Existence14
Maple Leafs Fans Booing P.K. Subban...Because Why?28
Auston Matthews Has to Play for the Toronto Maple Leafs12