Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Waiting Game

Today’s news from around the league.

Recap: Nashville Predators 2, Carolina Hurricanes 3 (OT): Things get nasty | On the Forecheck
The Preds lost a surprisingly close one to the Hurricanes last night. The kids are, as they say, gonna be alright. Well, Dante Fabbro is probably going to get suspended, but he deserves it for that elbow. Other than that, the kids are gonna be alright.

Roman Josi out week-to-week with upper-body injury | On the Forecheck
The news we've all been dreading since the parade of hits started.

Ryan Johansen’s crosscheck and the Predators’ morale issues | On the Forecheck
Before the Josi injury news, Shaun took a look at the spate of unpunished hits against the Preds and had some thoughts about morale.

Ban headshots | RMNB
I was going to link this anyway.

"If the goal of the Department of Player Safety is to actually protect the safety of players, they should ask for a change to the NHL rulebook: Penalize all hits to the head."

Just ban head contact. It will make the game safer, and a safer game is more fun for the audience as well as better for the players' health.

NHL's five most disappointing teams of the 2021 season so far |
Not the top-five list any of us wanted to see the Predators on, but here they are and here we are.

NWHL Playoffs to Resume March 26 | The Ice Garden
Excellent to see both that the league has gotten everything together and that NBC Sports is picking up airing the games again. Whether this will make a certain group of opinion-havers saying the league should obviously fold because it had to reschedule three (3) games due to COVID-19, who knows, but the important thing is that the games are back on. Hopefully the players are all well.

Wild night in the East: Streaks, comebacks, Taylor Hall gets honest | ProHockeyTalk
Overtime wins are a lot more dangerous this year. Also, Jack Johnson scored a goal! For his own team! (They were still the only one of the eight teams in the East not to get at least one point.)

Nathan MacKinnon expected back for injury-riddled Colorado Avalanche | ESPN
Excellent news for MacKinnon. Good news for the Avalanche too, of course, but that’s a little harder to get invested in.

The Takeaway: A totally not controversial NCAA bracket has arrived | The Ice Garden
It's been a busy day in the world of NCAA coverage. Catch up on the latest college (women's) hockey news and learn about the deeply weird tournament bracket that's been announced.

Sabres' Jack Eichel out at least a week due to upper-body injury |
The Sabres just cannot catch a break.

The NHL's struggles with mental health this season - How players are confronting anxiety and isolation | ESPN
I'm glad teams are making support services available to players, at least.

Stars spoil Kane's 1,000th game with dominant win over Blackhawks |

Report: ESPN signs seven-year deal with NHL to be part of league’s US media rights package | RMNB
The timeshared Stanley Cup Finals (yes, finals, plural!) are an, uh, interesting concept.

2021 PWHPA Dream Gap Tour recap: Chicago | The Ice Garden
Some rather lopsided hockey was played this weekend. I do wonder whether the PWHPA splitting up by region, when some regions are, well, better-known for producing talent, is entirely balanced, but it is what it is.

The San Jose Barracuda's unforgettable 2021 road trip - COVID delays, travel frights and frozen pizzas | ESPN
There's also a tent!

Entirely random thought of the day:

Goalies with rearview mirrors: yea or nay?

That’s it for the day. Have a good Wednesday!