Wednesday's Dump & Chase: We're Going Streaking!

Two in a row…that's a streak, right? And the Preds were firmly in control both games. Very encouraging. It's amazing what can happen when you don't allow 4 goals a game. Toronto is next…can we keep the streak going, or will we get tackled by security? (If you have a moment, check out the

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' Shea Weber alters game with powerful shot | The Tennessean

One of these days he's gonna hit somebody, and they're going to literally explode.

Smashville 24/7 - Top five goals from Preds/Wings rivalry

Pavel Datsyuk. Good grief.

Mazanec makes Trotz's hunch pay with wins, including a shutout |

WHAT? Their "hunch" was that Hutton could be effective. When they couldn't send him out to get torched even one more time, they played THE ONLY OTHER GOALIE ON THE ROSTER.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Gritty St. Louis Blues grab top spot in Week 7 NHL Power Rankings -

Preds holding steady at #17, with the next two games against #16 and #15.

2014 Winter Olympics: Canada, Russia co-favorites for hockey gold -

Absurd. Team USA is a stone-cold lock.

Pominville hoping to force his way on to Team USA - The Globe and Mail

It's rude to show up if you're not invited.

Twitter fight: Oilers remind Canucks Tim Thomas beat them for the Stanley Cup -

And the Canucks remind the Oilers they lose 60 games a year.

How would Brendan Shanahan treat Rob Ford? - Sporting News

Well, Toronto is an Original 6 team, so I'm guessing no discipline of any kind.

High school hockey fan attacks security guard during ejection (Video) | Puck Daddy

What's wrong with you, "Getting Ejected From The Game Guy"? Settle down.

Junior Hockey Player Slashes Opponent's Throat With Stick In Retaliation For Check-Buzzfeed

That's surely against the rules.

Hockey Fights of the Week: 11/11 - 11/17 | Puck Drunk Love

Why are you watching this? I'm disgusted.

World Series Obstruction Call, Replacement Referee Fiasco Among Top 10 Most Controversial Endings in Sports History|

What's your #1?