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Weekly Features

Our staff brings you regular looks on certain topics.

One Thing Wednesday: Injury Report

Which injuries have had the biggest impact on the Nashville Predators?

One Thing Wednesday: Meatloaf Edition

What wouldn’t you do to get the Preds a Cup?

One Thing Wednesday: Hair For It

Welcome to Wednesday’s Mane Event.

Fun Friday: The five types of stupid trade proposals

Flyers and Leafs fans are a different breed.

One Thing Wednesday: David Poile Edition

How can Poile best help the Preds?

One Thing Wednesday: John Hynes Edition

What "one thing" will help Hynes turn this team around?

Fun Friday: Delmore, Get The Tables

We might have reached peak absurdity today.

Fun Friday: The Science of Mike Fisher

In which Eamon continues his endeavor to make everything fun about hockey a math problem.

Fun Friday: The Barry Trotz Dream Team

Offense is for suckers, baby.

Fun Friday: The Jalen Ramsey Odyssey

Let’s put the star cornerback’s quote from 2018 to the test, because why not.

Fun Friday: Reign of the Lukes

This is probably (no, definitely) why the draft went the way it did.

Fun Friday: Roster Shuffle

It’s time to make a new Preds squad via chaos.

Fun Friday: First Team All Fun

Talking about the "all-time Preds roster" is boring and played out; let’s jazz it up a little.

Fun Friday: Wacky Trades

You wanna get weird? Let’s get weird!

#ThrowbackThursday: Worst Trades of the Decade

Not all of David Poile’s trades in the 2010s worked out, so let’s break down the worst ones

#ThrowbackThursday: Fight Night in Smashville

The origin story of a beloved Nashville tradition (also, a bunch of fights).

#ThrowbackThursday: The First Goal That Almost Didn’t Count

Andrew Brunette got the Preds’ first goal...even though the puck never entered the net

Five-Hole Friday: The Last One of the Season

It’s the last Five-Hole of the season.

The Week That Was: Chapter 26

A final push lands a desired result. Now, a new, more challenging fight begins.

Five-Hole Friday: At Last

The playoffs are here. At last.

The Week That Was: Week 25

Saturday nights have become a big problem and this past one was another turn for the Central Division: The Division Nobody Wants. Well, at least we can try to figure out when Game 1 will be, anyway.

Five-Hole Friday: Ferda

For the boys.

The Week That Was: Chapter 24

What started off as a good week finished with more questions than answers. A first-round exit now feels more likely than not.

Five-Hole Friday: Dance, Dance

Tickets to the (playoff) dance, actual tickets to the Winter Classic, and more.

The Week That Was: Chapter 23

This past week in California didn’t go exactly as planned, but the end result was pretty much what was needed. Also, what to do with Kyle Turris?

Five-Hole Friday: Turbulence

In which we discuss Eeli Tolvanen, the draft lottery, goalie balancing, and some Rinne saves.

The Week That Was: Chapter 22

A step forward, a big step back. The inconsistency continues.

Five-Hole Friday: Entry-Level Deal Season

The Preds have an upcoming road trip and look to sign a few NCAA prospects in a few weeks.

The Week That Was: Chapter 21

New faces, and games in tough places. Also, let’s try to jolt somebody back to life.

Five-Hole Friday: A New Hope

In which we discuss new additions, the offseason, and the Blue Jackets.

The Week That Was: Chapter 20

The deadline is here. Is a shakeup coming?

Five-Hole Friday: Trade Countdown

Trades, Craig-nog, sled hockey, and saves/goals of the week.