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Weekly Features

Our staff brings you regular looks on certain topics.

The Week That Was: Chapter 19

Another week, another lost chance to gain ground. Oh, and there’s a new member of the Preds family who isn’t losing.

Five-Hole Friday: Puppies and Goats

This week’s lineup features P.K., Arvi, goats, slashes and Smash.

The Week That Was: Chapter 18

This was quite a week.

Central Division Roundup: Week Eighteen

The entire division is in the playoff picture, but not for good reasons.

Five-Hole Friday: Intangibles

The word of the week is "intangibles."

The Week That Was: Chapter 17

An abbreviated week because of the bye, an old friend returns to fire up the crowd, and still no power play goals in a while.

Central Division Roundup: Week Seventeen

A lot of teams had some time off.

The Week That Was: Chapter 16

Two wins, some All-Star Game fun and a milestone announcement mark a pretty good week.

Central Division Roundup: Week Sixteen

With this schedule, remind me again why the NHL couldn’t do the Olympics last year?

Five-Hole Friday: Breathe In, Breathe Out

The pre-All-Star Game edition...and some Cawlidge Hawckey.

The Week That Was: Chapter 15

There were lots of hats thrown, but a suspension and a couple of stinkers make for a less-than-ideal homestand.

Central Division Roundup: Week Fifteen

Trades! Trades! Trades!

Five-Hole Friday: The Golden Guys

This week’s discussion includes goalies, onions, and tiny gold scoring threats.

The Week That Was: Chapter 14

The season’s longest road trip ends with mixed results. One thing was consistent, however: Scoring four goals worked out pretty well every time.

Central Division Roundup: Week Fourteen

We’ve got goals! We’ve got trades! We’ve got a couple of the same Eastern Conference teams who kept seeing Central Division opponents this week!

Five-Hole Friday: The Mattias Ekholm Fan Club

In which we discuss The Prince, coaching wins, P.K. Subban, and hockey in the south.

The Week That Was: Chapter 13

The moms tag along on New Year’s Eve, players remember where high-danger areas are and health continues to improve, but one "soft" effort keeps the week from being perfect. Also, let’s talk Winter Classic for a minute.

Central Division Roundup: Week Thirteen

At last.

Five-Hole Friday: All That Glitters is Gold

This week’s edition features #PredsMoms, slumps, All-Star Games, and Finland.

The Week That Was: Week 12

We certainly thought the losing streak was about to end. However, the nightmare stretch is threatening to begin 2019 on a sour note.

Central Division Roundup: Week Twelve

It’s a mini-roundup for a mini-week.

Five-Hole Friday: Rise Up

World Juniors is our reward for making it through the multitude of injuries and Christmas with relatives we don’t really like.

The Week That Was: Week 11

One point. One lousy point in an ugly week right before Christmas. Coal in a stocking is better than this "present." I’d take socks, too.

Central Division Roundup: Week Eleven

It was a good week for teams that didn’t need a good week, and it was a bad week for teams that really needed not to have a bad week. Sometimes all you can do is shrug.

Five-Hole Friday: Christmas Snipes

It hasn’t been a great week for Nashville, but there’s some good things to discuss.

The Week That Was: Week 10

Nashville certainly bounced back this week, though it’s not without some demerits.

Central Division Roundup: Week Ten

Double digits, baby!

Five-Hole Friday: Round One

A new quick-read for your Friday. Here’s some hockey thoughts.

The Week That Was: Week 9

What started as a promising week ended very, very poorly.

Central Division Roundup: Week 9

Has this week felt really long to anyone else?

The Week That Was: Week 8

Not a great week, but some reinforcements came in from Milwaukee and helped out with the mounting injury list.

Central Division Roundup: Week 8

Trades! Awful mishandling of concussions! Goals! It’s like the 1980s in here this week.