Wild 3, Preds 2. A Late Lead Flushed. Again.

The Preds snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against the Wild.

After falling behind to the the super-boring Wild, it seemed like we might be in for another super-boring loss. We got the loss, but it was definitely more...interesting. The Preds dominated the 2nd and got two goals from Roman Josi, but that was it. Give credit to the Wild for turning up the pressure, but what happened to the Preds from earlier in the season that seemed to own the 3rd period? I'd like them back please. We're running out of words to describe these losses, and the Preds are running out of time to fix this before the playoffs. Up next? The "tanking" Sabres, who just beat Boston at home. Our old friend Anders Lindback had 44 saves. Should be fun.

Random Observations

  • Nice energy from the Fisher line to start the game. No goal though...
  • Suter got booed! I bet he knows where he stands with this fan base now.
  • Suter got cheered! Two minutes for cross-checking...
  • No goal on that opening PP, but that's the best they've looked with the man advantage in a really long time.
  • The second power play of the period? Not so good. Drop passes to nowhere, fumbled entries, etc. etc. etc.
  • After a very solid 1st period for the Preds, they allow a late goal to go down 1-0. Again.
  • Five minutes into the 2nd, the Preds are still down 1-0. The Wild are killing hockey. Mike Yeo should be charged with murder.
  • And just like that, TWO goals by Roman Josi! The loudest this building has been in quite some time. Amazing what a little offense can do...
  • A 5 on 3 opportunity towards the end of the 2nd is squandered. Too fancy, fellas. Too fancy.
  • Just chillin' in my seat for the intermission for the first time in forever and I see that the Kiss Cam is still a thing. I would pay like extra money on top of my ticket package if I could be guaranteed no Kiss Cam.
  • Suter got booed again! Twice in one shift!
  • Pekka finally getting a little workout here in the 3rd. Was starting to wonder if somebody should offer him a magazine or something.
  • Not so fast...Coyle ties it up. Sweet Baby Jesus, can anything be easy?
  • No. The answer is no. Going to OT.
  • Welp. It only took 22 seconds for the Wild to ruin St. Patrick's Day.

OTF's Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Krazy Kyle's new organ.
  2. Roman Josi. The Preds had approximately 45 seconds of highlights, and he was responsible for the whole reel.
  3. That's it. Gotta earn that 3rd Super Duper.

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