Audio Clips: Laviolette, Grimson, and Forsberg

A collection of audio from this morning's media, and a podcast featuring Nashville's young star.

Firstly, Charlie and I spoke before last night's game, and talked a bit about the lineup and what they did right against the Kings.

Preds coach Peter Laviolette talked quite a bit about how awesome last night's third period was, and how James Neal was one of the catalysts for that comeback. I'm not one for "hey let's pat the fans on the head and compliment them", but that was a game where the team was picked up by a crowd. Also, Lavy talks about the lift Ryan Johansen brought the team and how that's lifted up James Neal. The tone from the coach is exuding a very confident mood about the team, and he couldn't wait to talk about them. Check out the question at the 7:30 point from Mark Howard... you'll like it, and like his answer.

Greg Pogue and Big Joe felt the need to post this as a separate clip, and the team's play as of late warranted a segment like this.

Stu Grimson dropped by the A to Z Sports show this morning, and even he felt the need to praise the faithful.

Filip Forsberg was the featured guest on The Hockey News Podcast this week.

And from the vault: Pete Weber.