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“On The Forecheck” Named Best Sports Blog in Nashville for 2012!

This morning, the Nashville Scene rolled out their Best of Nashville 2012 awards, and I’m proud to say that OTF was selected not only for Best Sports Blog, but also took 2nd for Best Local Blog, behind the Style Blueprint powerhouse.

I’m honored, folks.

Thanks to all of you who voted, I truly appreciate the support, and given the current Lockout situation, this gives a nice motivational kick in the pants to make sure we keep things humming here.

Thanks to the OTF writing crew for bringing a wide variety of voices to our continuing conversation about hockey in Nashville – Chris B., Sam, Marc, David, Chris R. and George. Thanks also go out to 3DLink and Caroline for taking on the (usually) thankless task of moderating comment threads – it’s difficult work sometimes, and I appreciate their help.

And of course thank you to Amy (Bride of Forechecker), for putting up with all the demands which this second-job entails.

Predators Represented Well Among the Winners

The hockey community was well-represented among the winners in this year’s Readers Poll. Jim Diamond won for Best Sports Writer, the 303:30 won for Best Podcast (with Monday Night Forehand coming in 2nd), and Cellblock 303 took 2nd in Best Sports Blog.

Pekka Rinne won for Best Predators Player (followed by Shea Weber & Mike Fisher).

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