Preds Stadium Series gear available now

With the Stadium Series next week, Preds fans can gear up to support the team.

The Nashville Predators will take on the Tampa Bay Lightning next week in the NHL Stadium Series, and gear for fans is available now at the Fanatics online store!

If you’re looking for one of the jerseys (sweaters if you’re Canadian—hey, we welcome Preds fans from all over—or OTF contributor Bobby), you can buy a player jersey (like this Roman Josi one, or many others), a blank jersey (if you don’t want to play favorites?), or you can customize your own at the time of purchase.

If jerseys are outside your budget, or you don’t have the closet space/spousal tolerance for one more, there are some more all-purpose Stadium Series clothes available too.

There are long-sleeved player shirts, and long-sleeved team shirts in both navy and gold. as well as a sleek-looking hooded sweatshirt.

The gold is a little more towards the yellow end of the scale, but as someone who puts on a Preds t-shirt every time I have to go to Costco with other people and want them to be able to find me again the same week, there’s nothing wrong with bright.

And if none of those speak to you, there’s also a hat, for some all-purpose Smashville pride:

I need to remember to wear hats more often, and getting more hats I like might be a start—if this is a hat you like, think of it as long-term sunburn and eyestrain protection.

Either way, whether you’re buying new gear for the Stadium Series or not, remember to dress for the weather and have a great time!