Dan Hamhuis announces retirement

The defender’s professional career has ended.

This afternoon Dan Hamhuis announced that he intends to retire this offseason. He told TSN Radio Vancouver that he had decided in February to wrap up his NHL career, and had been deciding between retirement and a move to Europe with his family.

Obviously, given the coronavirus situation, playing in a European league is not currently feasible.

Over sixteen seasons in the NHL, Hamhuis played with the Nashville Predators, the Vancouver Canucks, the Dallas Stars, and the Predators again. He received a handful of Norris votes back in the early 2010s with the Canucks.

Hamhuis had eight assists in sixty games this season with the Predators, averaging about fourteen and a half minutes per game, and did not see ice time in the Preds’ play-in loss to the Arizona Coyotes. He was fairly remarkably average in shot share metrics, and slowed the game down at both ends of the ice.

Best of luck to him going forward.