Entrance Music: Defense and Goaltending

Come on down.....

Since we have a little bit of time until Friday to get pumped up about the Predators and their series tilt against Anaheim, I thought I'd lighten the mood or bring on the adrenaline for the upcoming match-up. And how you ask? With a little entrance music selected especially for our team.

The Goalies:

Carter Hutton: a very good backup to Rinne this year and one heckuva bench interview is a super duper nice guy (except for blocking me earlier this year on Twitter) and it is this incident that we shall have the techno-driven song of choice to amp the crowd from the get-go...P.S. Thanks for being great at blocking more than pucks lol:

Pekka Rinne: The foundation of the Nashville Predators. When he's on...he's on an All-Star level elite list, but when he struggles...it's not pretty. With a little rest, he should be imPEKKAble and a brick wall in the playoffs when we need him.


Barret Jackman: Kind of looks a little like a space alien or a taller, balder version of Jiri Hudler... but he has been a decent defender all year and has loads of veteran leadership for the young blueline. Since he can throw down when he has to, his music should reflect that as well...here's a classic tale of roust-abouts and a shout out to the Jackman:

Anthony Bitetto: TONAY!! The Italian Stallion needs no introduction and his interviews with Big Joe and Greg Pogue are the stuff of legend....just don't mess with his hair...he spends a lot of time on it:

Mattias Ekholm: Eks has been a treat to watch all year. He plays with verve and swagger and he's a bit off the handle when he is called for a penalty (which he almost never thinks he commits). For this blueliner, he brings a lot of salt and who are we to challenge his word against the zebras?:

Ryan Ellis: The little engine that can and does every single night. Whether it's laying out a vicious hip check or having the fastest release from the blueline, Ellis knows how to bring it. His beard has become the stuff of legend and I can't help thinking of Pirate Rock when his beard becomes Gandolf-ian in length and Irish in color for a full on playoff run.

Roman Josi: Quite possibly the prettiest of the defensive core if not the whole team, Josi is the dream defenseman every team craves. All Star...check. Defensive points record...yup. Finer than frog hair splits three ways? We think he's one of the best...around.

Shea Weber: Shea Freaking Weber...The Beast. THE Captain. The stalwart of defense and one of the best all around players in the league. He plays in every situation and isn't afraid to hurl hay-makers when other teams are willing to slip into that territory and affront the home team. Weber has become the definition of "speak softly and carry a big stick"....Obviously.

How did we do on this list? Are there other songs that come to mind when thinking of our goaltending and defense? List some below and have fun since that's what this is all about. I'll leave you with my entrance music (and no it's not Sgt. Slaughter's ;^)