Friday's Dump & Chase: Vacay

I'll be blogging from the beach this weekend, so hopefully the Predators will inconvenience me by signing Arvidsson and Johansen sooner than later. Just think about how annoying that would be, David!

Postseason Rewind: How Sweep It Is | Nashville Predators
The "SWEEP!" chants are top ten on my Predators postseason memories.

Sports broadcasters on what they eat to fuel for OT |
Brent Seabrook once referred to their OT fare as "fruit and crap".

Adidas laces up $100M hockey brand sale | New York Post
I wish I were educated enough in the area of business to make heads or tales of Adidas selling off CCM and retracting yet taking over NHL branding.

Portland’s new hockey team needs a name and you could name it | WGME
Hockey McHockeyFace?

Panther sign Tippett to entry-level deal, and expect him to contribute right away | The Hockey News
Really a missed opportunity for the Predators to increase their ginger%.

Scuba diver finds Hall of Fame ring of former AHL star Dick Gamble | ESPN
Maybe don't wear ill-fitting rings while boating and presumably drinking.

Blues sign Parayko to five-year, $27.5 million contract | ProHockeyTalk
Not terrible for the Blues, although Parayko could probably have waited a year for more.

NHL Off-Season Power Rankings: Who's improved most (so far)? -
This article counts the Leafs addition of Marleau, Moore, and Hainsey as big enough improvements to vault them to sixth.

AHL allowing players on minor league deals to go to Olympics - The Washington Post
What this is NOT, is allowing players with NHL deals playing in the AHL to go to the Olympics. AHL-only contracts.