Friday’s Dump & Chase: A Few of My (Least) Favorite Things

Hazing on buses and helmet advertisements, unnecessary safety risks and mass-spreader events, potential relevance of the Ducks with flightless wings, these are a few of my least favorite things.

Nashville Predators News

Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wives: Grading the Nashville Predators' 2010 Offseason - On the Forecheck
I'll tell ya, Nick is great at these. If you weren't a fan until recently (or became one at any point after the team started) these are a great way to go back and look at how this team has been constructed from the ground up. I'm excited because this is my "first" offseason and I actually know a lot of these names.

Around Hockey

Pacioretty 'not being shopped' by Golden Knights, owner says
It appears the Vegas Golden Knights are not looking to trade Max Pacioretty. I, personally, would be much more interested in Jonathan Marchessault coming to Nashville.

Is Marchessault a better Golden Knights trade target than Pacioretty?
Is Jonathan Marchessault a better Golden Knights trade target than Max Pacioretty? Marchessault is cheaper and younger than Pacioretty, among other things.

Pass or Fail: NHL reportedly considering sell ads on players' helmets
The only time I've watched a hockey game and thought, "You know what this game needs? More ads," is when Milwaukee is on the penalty kill.

Forbes shows drop in NHL revenue; Maple Leafs rank second in team value
I think a lot of this was to be expected considering the global pandemic, but it certainly doesn't help that the current season is already delayed and attendance hasn't been sorted out yet.

Disney announces return of 'Mighty Ducks' franchise in new series
More than two decades after the third instalment of the popular Mighty Ducks franchise, Disney has announced a new turn for Gordon Bombay and Co. with a new series titled 'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.'

I'm not sure what this scrappy, new team of underdogs will be called, but I look forward to the current iteration of the Anaheim Ducks disappearing and being replaced by it...or not...I'm fine with them just disappearing.

Five pressing issues for NHL, NHLPA to resolve ahead of new season
While the financial discussions appear to be out of the way, the NHL and NHLPA still have a number of topics to discuss and vote on before they can move ahead with the next season.

Insider Trading: Some execs, agents still skeptical of NHL's mid-January start date -
Does that make me "some execs" or "agents"? Because I am DEFINITELY skeptical.

Insider Trading: World Juniors remain 'all systems go' amid COVID-19 concerns -
Is it just me, or does World Juniors seem like a terrible idea right about now?

Westhead: Athletes could play a role in convincing Canadians to get COVID-19 vaccination -
I imagine a world in which athletes go door-to-door in Canada convincing people to get the vaccination. Which hockey player would have to show up on your doorstep before you would get vaccinated? Clearly, I'm assuming you would get one anyway, but if you were (hypothetically) or are (in reality) against it, who would it take to make you change your mind?

Former Junior Player Says Rookie Abuse Was, 'More Confusing and Damaging' Than Brain Cancer - The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
Reading this article is a bit hard for me. As someone who joined a fraternal organization in college, I made sure that I joined one that didn't tout the ideals of "brotherhood" while also spending the "pledge" period treating me like garbage physically and mentally. So, when people make the argument that this type of hazing builds brotherhood, I can only assume they have a twisted idea of what "family" looks like.