Friday’s Dump & Chase: Cannon’d

Depending on how you feel about the Reverse Retro jersey, the Preds took at least one L yesterday.

Nashville Predators 3, Columbus Blue Jackets 5 - No Lead is Safe | On the Forecheck
The Preds fell back into bad habits last night, building an early lead before giving it up. Guest contributor Soloman takes a look at what went wrong after the promising start.

NHL officially releases Predators Reverse Retro jersey for 2022-23 | On the Forecheck
ICYMI: Mustard Cat now comes in hot-dog color.

Ranking all 32 NHL Reverse Retro jerseys for 2022-23 | ESPN
The Preds' ranks at 25th here, and yeah, some of the other ones are definitely better, but I don't think 24 of them are better. What's your take?

PWHPA completes first stop in 2022-23 Dream Gap Tour | The Ice Garden
"Desbiens noted that having Poulin on your team is a sweet bonus." No kidding.

Jakub Vrana placed in NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance Program | Winging It In Motown
Best wishes to Vrana.

Video review causes yet another key call to go against Maple Leafs |
One might ask how "key" a call can possibly be in October, but actually the points do matter here as much as they do in March or April; it's all the same points.

Flames, Calgary city officials to resume talks on new arena | ESPN
Here we go again...

Wicked Angles: Preseason is a key time for promotion — and the PHF’s missed out | The Ice Garden
This was a bizarre choice from the PHF, which didn't mention preseason games--either as a league or as the individual teams--until after they'd begun, along with other baffling silences.

Homesick Canucks return to Vancouver as NHL's lone winless team |
It could always be worse. We could be Vancouver Canucks fans right now.

The Six honour history at Hall of Fame | The Ice Garden
Players from the PHF's first Canadian team look back at the road they followed to get there.