Friday’s Dump & Chase: Feeling Bullish

The Predators re-sign the feisty Biloxi Bull and something about Corey Perry blah, blah, blah in today’s links.

Nashville News & Notes

Operation Rebuild: Thoughts after Day 1 of Free Agency | On the Forecheck
"Competitive" or not, it’s becoming clear that Nashville is taking the rebuild more seriously than before.

Our own @BryanBastin took a look at the Predators’ moves on the first day of free agency and dropped a few interesting suggestions for who else might be worth a look.

The Nashville Predators’ Competitive Rebuild | On the Forecheck
The phrase "tear it down" wasn’t an instant process for the Predators.

@RachelKH79 has a fascinating perspective on the Predators roster as compared to the golden days of 2017.

This two year deal is not surprising given Poile’s love of the size guys.

Hockey News & Notes

Willie O'Ree, NHL's 1st Black Hockey Player, Set to Recieve Congressional Gold Medal |
Senate passes a bill to honor the trailblazing athlete, who broke the NHL's color barrier in 1958. The bill heads to the House, where swift passage is expected.

All of hockey will be celebrating this much deserved award for Willie O’Ree.

The Most Improved NHL Teams After Day 1 of Free Agency | The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
Whether or not the early moves work out remains to be seen, but here’s a look at a few of the most improved teams after the first day of free agent frenzy.

A look around the league at the moves that are making rosters better and fans scratch their heads.

Report: Corey Perry signs with Tampa Bay Lightning | Raw Charge
If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Or not.

What kind of player is Minnesota Wild’s Frederick Gaudreau? | Hockey Wilderness
A deep dive into the game of Minnesota’s new center

Frantically waves hands and shouts, “We know! We know!”

Sullivan, Johnson, Hoff to Guide U.S. Teams at 2022 Olympics/Paralympics |
Trio brings success, experience, leadership to fold.

Love seeing David Hoff named the 2022 Paralympic sled hockey coach after the team’s huge success at the World Championships.

Mood Music

This Dante Fabbro video was giving me Alan-Jackson-waterskiis-in-denim-and-a-cowboy-hat vibes.