Friday’s Dump & Chase: No Pressure

A six-game losing streak with the current roster and apparently everything is Hakuna Matata.

Yes, there are links coming, but I wanted to start with this. I don’t write articles as often as I’d like to, but this seems like a slap in the face during the Year of the Fan. No, I don’t think Laviolette will be fired today, this week, this month, or even this season, but I know he feels pressure from above.

It isn’t that this is a CYA answer to appear to be cool and calm in the face of an impending storm—this seems like a cocky answer to me. No, I haven’t heard the words being spoken, but I can see the words that aren’t spoken. There is a very simple way to handle this question, which I believe is not only a fair question, but a question I’m surprised no one else had asked yet. The solution here is to heap pressure on yourself. It would have been easy to do the following:

Sorry for posting my own tweet, but I’d already typed it out once. Anyway, his response comes off as cocky and somewhat antagonistic towards the fans. No, he can’t come right out and say “Oh, yeah, David Poile has chewed me out and threatened my job a few times...I’d better figure it out or start editing my CV,” but making it seem like he’s a the laid-back hero of a song by the Eagles is a surefire way to further enrage a fanbase that is already gathering the pitchforks about Kyle Turris.

And, after all, a NHL team’s job is to entertain its fans and make them happy enough to give the team money in exchange for that joy and entertainment.

So, rant over; here are some fresh links:

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