Friday's Dump & Chase: Planning Period

This time of the year is when the GMs of eliminated teams start planning out their summer strategies. The draft is coming up, as is free agency. And David Poile is way too excited to have all of his picks for the first time in a long time. Can he move Nystrom and Ribeiro out before July 1?

Nashville Predators News & Notes

First, here's Adam Vingan doing Adam Vingan things:

Roundtable’s 2015-16 Goalie of the Year Award | Admirals Roundtable

Other NHL Stuff

What to do with the Dallas Stars' goaltending situation? -
Idea: not spending $10 million on iffy goaltending.

Off-Season Game Plan: Ottawa Senators - Article - TSN
Remember when Bobby Ryan was a top line player?

Ben Bishop, Steven Stamkos unlikely to play for Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 4 | ESPN
It's a must-win tonight for the Bolts. Pure and simple.

Key to Lightning Game 4 win? 'Mimic the Penguins' | Tampa Bay Times
The Pens have used their speed to cause some real havoc against the Rangers, Caps, and now the Lightning. But the Bolts do have their own speedy players.

Stamkos weighs complex decision in face of fading hope -
It's tough for Bolts fans... you want the best for Stamkos... and you want to win. Duality at its finest.

Ron Cook: Penguins GM Rutherford 'perfect for Pittsburgh' | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In the short team? Yeah.

HBK! Shawn Michaels is coming to Pittsburgh for Game 5 - PensBurgh
Since when does an ex-pro wrestler cheer against a team from Tampa Bay?

The David Backes contract conundrum - Article - TSN
He played college hockey. We know how this ends.

Oilers sign winger Zack Kassian to one-year contract -
Great idea, guys.

Blues blanked again by Sharks | St. Louis Blues |
If this was a boxing match, it resembled Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito. PacMan nearly killed Margarito in the ring.

Not Hockey

Erick Aybar got a chicken bone stuck in his throat at lunch |
Have a good vacation, Marya.