Friday’s Dump & Chase: Road Games in Arizona

The only thing to do is hope the whole dang team relocates to Houston, and that doesn’t seem like what the NHL wants.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Nashville Predators 2, Arizona Coyotes 5 Game Recap: Noche de los Yotes | On the Forecheck
Shaun did me a huge favor by agreeing to recap this game last-minute while I dealt with something else, and in return the Preds gave us all...this.

If Filip Forsberg misses time, Predators could turn to Kyle Turris | On the Forecheck
Narrator: They didn't.

Other News & Notes

Coyotes Form Hispanic Advisory Board |
If you wondered what was up with "Noche de los Yotes," it's part of the Coyotes' attempt to broaden their fanbase. I have no idea if it will work, but good for them if it does.

Seattle’s NHL team releases initial club ticket prices | ProHockeyTalk
The Seattle rich are flocking to buy tickets for the yet-unnamed Seattle hockey team (it should've been the Kraken).

How Maple Leafs can best survive John Tavares injury |
I will allow that John Tavares's injury is, in fact, something that affects the Toronto Maple Leafs. (As for the answer, it seems likely that they'll lean on the Nashville faithful's old foe Jason Spezza to fill in. Isn't Spezza like a billion years old now? Whatever.)

(I just checked and he's only seven years older than me, so now I feel approximately 999,999,993 years old.)

Damkronorna players’ boycott is over, a deal has been reached with the Swedish Ice Hockey Association | The Ice Garden
The Damkronorna players have finally gotten an agreement from the SIHA to, y'know, pay them money in exchange for hard, grueling, and expensive work done for the glory of the SIHA. Good for them. With the boycott ended, they will be playing in an international tournament in December.

NHL on NBCSN: History of top-two picks facing off for first time | ProHockeyTalk
Some interesting notes on an overlooked rivalry, as well as yet another of the moments the universe seemed to be laughing at Jack Eichel, second-overall draft pick and Buffalo Sabre.

31 Thoughts: Taylor Hall contract status looms over slow-starting Devils |
There's a little more news (or non-news) about Roman Josi's contract in this one too--I always like the 31 Thoughts, but if you're in a hurry, the Josi bulletpoint is #14.

Wysh List - the most overrated advanced stats in hockey | ESPN
I really liked the point Rachel Doerrie and Dimitri Filipovic made about how the way in which a stat is used is hugely important. I've yielded to the temptation to not fully contextualize things when I'm in a hurry, and I feel like it always ends up simplifying--sometimes oversimplifying--the point I'm trying to make.

NHL Power Rankings: 31 Disturbing Developments Edition |
If you want to mock everyone else's struggles, Sportsnet has you covered. If you want to worry about the Predators' shooting percentage, Sportsnet also has you covered (they're not wrong).

NWHL Stock Report: A Scoring Extravaganza | The Ice Garden
You like ice hockey goals? The NWHL has ice hockey goals for you*!

* May not apply for Buffalo Beauts fans :(

Mete and Suzuki earn first NHL goals in Canadiens' win over Wild |
1) The Wild are not great

2) Joel Eriksson Ek blocked three of Shea Weber's slapshots in a row and allegedly didn't die.

Golden Knights’ Zykov suspended 20 games for PED violation | ProHockeyTalk
Vegas threw Konstantin Zykov under the bus, then backed the bus up and ran it over him again. You have to think it's an awkward position for their front office to be in, with two players testing positive in the last two years, and that might explain some of their vehemence.

My hottest take on PEDs: twenty years from now the league's lack of action on concussion science is going to look way worse than some guys cheating to be better at sports ever could, and also "cheating to be better at sports" is far from the worst thing any NHL player has ever done but it's the only one that's automatically--severely--punished if you get caught.