Friday’s Dump & Chase: This Space For Rent

The NHL may allow ads on player helmets this season. How or where that may take place is still up in the air, but one thing’s for certain, cash flow is getting low.

Nashville Predators News

NHL, NHLPA Grants to Help Preds Grow Girls Hockey, Skating Programs
Participation in girls hockey and figure skating in Nashville has grown exponentially over the past five years, and the numbers are about to expand even further. This, I think we can all agree, is incredible news.

You Still Have a Chance to Make A Difference AND Win Some Great Prizes

We’re running this opportunity until the end of the year. A small donation to the Nashville Predators 365 Fund (founded by Pekka Rinne and Shea Weber) allows you to enter to win one of a few awesome Predators prizes. Follow the link to get all the details!

Around Hockey

Lundqvist won't play for Capitals this season because of heart condition
Big shock today to learn that Henrik Lundqvist won't be playing this season and an even bigger shock that it's due to a heart condition. I certainly wish him all the best to find a resolution and to heal. I would love to see him back one the ice for another year, but at 38 years old, you have to wonder if this is it.

Duclair agrees to one-year contract with Panthers
Anthony Duclair agreed to a one-year contract with the Florida Panthers on Thursday for one year at $1.7M. The move caused one OTFer to pull off the road so he could scream into the void for awhile before forcing himself back to reality. Any guesses which one of us it was?

2021 World Junior Championship Preview, Part I | On the Forecheck
Eric, who is the absolute BEST at prospects and organizational depth in Nashville, put this preview together that focuses on Pool A, which has powerhouse Team Canada (including Nashville Predators prospect Philip Tomasino, who might make the jump to the NHL this season) in it.

IIHF - How the World Juniors Bubble works
After one week in a team bubble on home ice, participants wait in self-isolation to join the competition bubble at the World Juniors.

In wake of Indians’ decision, Blackhawks stay with team name
Chicago Hockey Team has a nice ring to it.

Canucks say they've received support from First Nations over orca logo
The Vancouver Canucks say they've received support from First Nations communities amid accusations of cultural appropriation as part of a recent backlash over the team's orca logo.

Holtby issues apology for Canucks mask after First Nations criticism
Braden Holtby seems like the last person who would do something offensive intentionally. However, he issued an apology on Saturday after images of his new goalie mask for the Vancouver Canucks—which featured an Indigenous Thunderbird and was designed by a Swedish artist—sparked calls of cultural appropriation. I appreciate his response; I believe it demonstrates learning and a willingness to change.

Ontario public health to weigh possibility of NHL restart as lockdown looms |
I can definitely see the prospect of American teams crossing the border, rife with filthy germs, into the land of much more stringent COVID-19 protocols causing some concerns.

NHL could play all games in U.S. if all-Canadian division can't work
I wonder there's any existing hockey-equipped infrastructure in Atlanta...

Jaromir Jagr: Records assist in return to Kladno lineup
Jaromir Jagr continues to play AND continues to produce offense. I remember the good ol' days of JAGRWATCH, but it seems like the only time we'll see him on the ice is when this oddball situation plays out...Jagr, the team owner, was about to see his team play one man down, so he laced up the ol' boots and put in another day at the office.