Game 1 Practice Update: The Wait is (Almost) Over

It's First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Eve! All of your wildest dreams are about to come true.

Our Boys made it to the mean streets of Anaheim safe and sound. Let's take a quick look at what's been happening today.

Yes, this isn't *technically* a Game 1 Practice Update. But I want to go on record as being strongly against this new mask situation. Bad Juju, man. (I reserve the right to be neutral towards or strongly in favor of the new mask pending tomorrow night's outcome)

Nothing real surprising here, but what's Coach trying to say with that 4th line?

Then go get it, Fil.

Let's check in on the Ducks...

Line Combinations Remain Unchanged on Final Day Before Series Opener- Anaheim Ducks

All this time off should help the Ducks with their whole "everyone is injured" problem. All-time Preds great Mike Santorelli playing on the seldom-seen 5th line for Anaheim.

Will they play? We'll see tomorrow. Other things we'll see tomorrow: If traffic will be bad, if it will rain, if my favorite song will come on the radio while I'm driving to work. Just have to wait until then.

Ok, then.

I don't know about you, but I've been gradually upping my alcohol consumption AND trying to stay awake an extra 30 minutes a night to prep for this series and I think I'll be in peak condition by tomorrow night. If you're looking to go out, the team is doing some sort of official watch party at a wings chain known for NOT actually showing the Preds games, but who might get lucky this time. Is Kentucky playing in any sport tomorrow night? I'd check the schedule before heading over.