Game 4 Practice Update: Are You Hurt or Are You Injured?

There's a difference, and it looks like everybody is mostly just hurt.

So it looks like he'll be in again tonight. Good.

This is also good. Seriously, Laviolette is my hero for making this move. A move I can't imagine his predecessor making, what, with Mike being "veteran enough" and all.

Raise your hand if you thought Sissons would be recovering from surgery today instead of playing.

Looks like just maintenance days like some of your favorite players here. We'll see what happens.

Sharks looking to create a little bit more, which shouldn't be hard since they created basically nothing in Game 3.

Props to the entire San Jose Sharks organization for reminding me it's Cinco de Mayo. I had totally forgotten.

Sharks coach Pete DeBoer not ruling out changes - San Jose Mercury News

Wasn't he Mr. Line Match-ups Don't Matter a couple days ago?

This *might* be true, but let's taunt him later. Like after we win the series.