Game 7 Practice Update: Just Win, Baby

One more time for all the (first round) marbles.

You know what? I feel a certain looseness, too. Don't get me wrong...I'll be EXTREMELY upset by a loss. I just don't think one is coming. Don't know why.

Bass, if you remember, gave himself a stiff ride in and around the hard areas early in Game 6.

Hey...great news! Craig is apparently The Straw That Stirs The Drink, so we need him at full speed.

"[Getzlaf] continues his transition into an anthropomorphized Applebee's happy hour."

I have nothing else to add to that. Speaking of the Ducks...

Good, good.


I think they should try it one more time just to be sure they've learned everything possible.

So there you go.

I know which one I'd pick.

See you on the other side, folks...