Labor Day Open Thread

It's your holiday, only you can choose what you do with it.

Whether you are decorating for a party you're having later today or you are cleaning up a party you had over the weekend, today is your Labor Day.

Stop by, read something, chat a bit, reflect on life, or don't do any of those things. It's days like this that make us who we are. So, whatever you do, be you.

Hockey News

P.K. Subban tweeted a photo with the Canadiens logo edited out - Eyes On The Prize
Is P.K. playing games? Or did the Canadiens politely ask him to "edit them out" of his life forever? Either way, I love the thought of Subban huddled at a computer editing and processing images on Photoshop. It really completes the narrative of Subban as a modern renaissance man.

The evolution of P.K. Subban | The Hockey News
I'd like to get my hands on the full article from the Yearbook, but still, this is a fantastic read. Pocket squares, double Windsor knots, and pumping up the volume. Man, I can't wait for this guy to be an everyday story in Nashville.

Ten still-unsigned NHLers who could contribute to any team | The Hockey News
Alex Tanguay is still out there, a guy who could easily step into a scoring winger role for the Preds on either the 1st or 3rd lines. I'd also take Kris Russell as a 7th defenseman. With that said, I don't see any of these guys showing up in Nashville anytime soon.

Canada opts for smarts over speed with World Cup roster - Article - TSN
Given the semi-competitive nature of this preseason tournament, I'm not sure speed will really be much of a factor anyway. Like how it wasn't a factor at the All-Star Game or the Skills Competition.

The Cannon Top 25 Under 25 - #2 Seth Jones - The Cannon
Counting Crows + my favorite non-Preds defenseman = guilty pleasure

Not Hockey/Sort Of Hockey

The Interview & How Things Almost Ended Up All Wrong | jenlc13
You need to read this. @RegressedPDO (aka Jen) is a phenomenal hockey statistician and mandatory Twitter follow. She was brave enough to share a horrific experience she had when she was younger trying to interview for a job out of college. The importance of this issue cannot be understated, as there are undoubtedly more stories like hers out there.

Members of Flames march in Calgary Pride Parade -
Though I wish it would do more, hockey continues to lead the way among the four major sports when it comes to supporting "out" athletes. More of this, please.