Monday's Dump and Chase: Cynicism and Regrets

On Saturday life was good, the weekend was ahead of us and so was the promise of a shining future for the Preds. Now its Monday...things don't look half so bright. The draft is over, free agency is a still slightly stinging memory, and meaningful games are about as far out of reach as the Centra

Around The Wide Wide World of Hockey

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Looks like this story isn't going quietly...

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As noted early this summer over at Fear the Fin, this a growing problem that needs to be addressed.

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Pekka Rinne isn't on this list...let the comments ensue.

Panthers top pick Ekblad ready to get back to work after concussion


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In depth analysis and research reveals he was in fact signed by the it October yet?

NHL Suffers as No Superstar Has Emerged

Will Crosby finally change that?

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Does he REALLY need to watch every Sabers game?

Bill Plaschke: Darryl Sutter is never down on the farm - LA Times

Hate the Kings all you want, but its hard to hate this guy.

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Well it is now bud...

Why 2014-15 Is a Make-or-Break Season for Chicago Blackhawks' Nick Leddy | Bleacher Report

Again...October is when?

Jamaica has another Winter Olympics dream: hockey -

Can't wait for this to be a movie...

And last but not least, an amazing goal and an equally amazing celebration, to a slightly less impressive goal, to brighten your Monday!