Monday’s Dump & Chase: Huntsville Lives Another Day

The only division 1 NCAA hockey program of the South survives scare.

In Conversation: Harnarayan Singh, Nick Bonino tell the story of the call that went viral

Warning: This focuses on Nick Bonino’s career during the time of which we do not speak.

Parise on Evason’s approach, Fiala’s surge and prepping for Canucks

Reminder that Kevin Fiala, who the Predators gave up on despite his flashing obvious high-end talent, was only 22 years old when he was shipped off to Minnesota. Eeli Tolvanen is currently 21. Yet only one of those two players was a bonafide NHL second liner on a Stanley Cup Finalist at age 20.

Still blows my mind they traded the kid.

Flames’ Cam Talbot helps save Alabama-Huntsville hockey program

Let’s be honest: the south doesn’t generate much hockey talent. Kids don’t have a clear path on how to progress to higher levels. There’s a massive gap between youth and professional hockey. Having NCAA D1 programs in the south fills that gap. To lose the only program when so many more are needed would have been catastrophic. A huge Smashville thank-you is owed to Cam Talbot.

I’m Not Brave at All

A great piece by NHL’er Corey Hirsch about his mental health struggles.

SB Nation “Video Game Week”

This week at SB Nation, we’re looking back on past sports video games. Every day at 4:00ct, I will stream a NHL simulator released this season, Franchise Hockey Manager 6. It’s an in-depth simulator that lets you start at any given point of time in NHL history. We did a series re-playing this current season back in March when Covid-19 first began shutting everything down, so this time we’ll start with the inaugural season of the Nashville Predators. If you want to join the stream, be sure to drop by here at 4:00!