Monday’s Dump & Chase: Still Here

Some days, that’s what you’ve got.

Flames' Treliving: Keeping team safe at camp 'has kept me up at night' |
It is really frustrating to me that some of the people in the league are aware of the scale of the problem here--know that there's a pandemic, know that it's a highly contagious disease, know that we don't have a vaccine or a cure, know that some of the survivors have severe organ damage, know that some viruses can have aftereffects that take years or decades to manifest--and are still going ahead with the plan to resume, they're just worrying about it.

There's really nothing left to say at this point. Y'all know how I feel. Some of you disagree. The NHL definitely disagrees, which means that anything I say is just screaming into the void anyway.

How the NHL and NHLPA found labour peace in a pandemic -
"“I think (NHLPA Executive Director Don Fehr) and I both recognize labour peace was something we couldn’t even quantify how important it was,” Bettman said during a Zoom call on Saturday. “But we both knew that for the business of the game to come back strong, there was enough disruption going on in the world that we didn’t have to add to it.”"

That's great, Gary, but have you considered trying to quantify the importance of human...well, actually, I guess you have.

Illness and injury uncertainty abound as NHL camps open | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Andrew Copp points out that while players are coming into camp healthy, there's the risk that they might injure themselves after too long off the ice if they jump right back in. That's yet another thing for teams to worry about.

Also, we get a clarification of what it means that the NHL is taking over injury and illness reporting: they're not.

Canadiens, Domi agree to wait before deciding whether he will rejoin team |
I'm very glad the Canadiens are working with Max Domi--and hopefully any other players who have concerns--on making his decision about returning to play over a longer timeframe. The league gave players a hard and near-immediate deadline, but if a team doesn't want to pressure a player they can do what the Canadiens are doing here.

From Nothing to Something: The Rise of Women’s Ice Hockey in Arizona | The Ice Garden
You know how I feel about sunbelt hockey, and you know how I feel about women's hockey, so you should already know how I feel about this. I'm still frustrated I had to miss the Dream Gap Tour's Tempe stop this past spring (right before everything shut down), but it's exciting to think that that's probably not going to be the end, especially with multiple Arizona colleges working on their whockey programs.

Best rivalries in the NCAA | The Ice Garden
I have to confess I don't follow the NCAA as closely as I might, but it's Monday, you're all expecting NCAA hockey discussion, and this is a great piece highlighting not only team rivalries within Division I conferences, but some key players from each of the ten teams.

Ivy League schools to postpone beginning of hockey season | The Ice Garden
The Ivy League will not be having school sports before 2021. We don't yet know what will happen at that point; it's another of those things that's very much up in the air.