Nashville Predators 3, Arizona Coyotes 2 (OT): Thirty-Three

Fil. You da man.

Well, it wasn't always pretty and I even considered turning it over to the final episode of American Idol just for kicks at some point during the third period but the team got it done. I said before the game that this was a match up that the Predators needed to try to take advantage of and get back to fundamentals. I also said they needed to shut down Arizona's top four. The Preds did neither one of those things very well but thanks to goals from Nashville's top three skaters (Filip Forsberg, Shea Weber, and Roman Josi) they got it done.

The man of the hour, though, Filip Forsberg. Way to go Fil. We were pulling for you all the way and--what do you know--you pulled through for us and tied the franchise record of 33 goals and sent the Predators into overtime at the same time. Now, go out and break Arnott's goal scoring record!

Time to turn it over to the LA Kings-Anaheim Ducks game.

Random Observations

  • WHOO! Neal made Ekman-Larsson look silly and almost put one in from above the circles. The Predators are really outplaying the Coyotes in the first five minutes of the game.
  • As I type that, bad bounce for the Predators. Zbynek Michalek takes a shot from the point and it deflects off Antoine Vermette's skates and in.
  • That fourth line has been terrible other than Colton Sissons over the early part of the first. They might as well turn their sticks over and play with its butt on the ice because they can't hold onto the puck either way.
  • Too many bad turnovers in the first. The Predators need to simplify their game because those will be killer in the playoffs where every play matters.
  • How many posts is Craig Smith going to hit this season?
  • You know how I said in the Pregame that the Predators had to limit Doan's and Domi's chances in order to have a good chance to win this game? Yeah. They're not doing a good job of that. On that note, though, watching 5'10" Domi take Forsberg's hit, keep control of the puck through traffic and get a shot on net was awesome.
  • Arvidsson continues his penalty-drawing prowess. He's been using his speed and peskiness greatly to his advantage in that regard.
  • Forsberg has a breakaway coming out of the penalty box and Smith stops him. I want to see him get 33 sooooo bad. Right after that Roman Josi caught a pass from the Fenom (yes, with Filip Forsberg it's spelled with an F) entering the zone and hit the post.
  • The second line really put the pressure on the Coyotes in their first shift in the third period. Hopefully the rest of the team follows suit.
  • OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN!!!!! Yet another 20 goal season for Big Shea.
  • The Predators get a powerplay in a critical moment and...they choke and can't get out of the zone.
  • 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a way to tie the Predators single season goal scoring record for Forsberg! Time for some 3-on-3 hockey. Whoopie.
  • OH MY GOSH. THEY DID IT. THEY ACTUALLY WON A 3-ON-3 OVERTIME. What a beautiful exchange by Neal and finish by Josi for Josi's 60th point of the season! Ryan Johansen also hit 60 on Josi's goal.

OTF's Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Filip Forsberg. 33 BABY!!!!
  2. Roman Josi. Josi becomes the first Predator defenseman to hit the 60 point mark.
  3. Mark Howard's fifty shades of tan.

Tweets of the Game