Nashville Predators 5, St. Louis Blues 0: Filip Forsberg Tricks Blues, Pekka Rinne Slams the Door


There was a whole lot to love with Filip Forsberg scoring his second hat trick in three games and Pekka Rinne recording a shutout. The Predators have been fantastic as of late and the big question now (along with the question of whether or not Scott Hartnell will be joining the team shortly) is if they can keep it going?

Aside from the top line, the pieces are falling into place. The bottom nine is really rolling right now and Pekka Rinne seems to be getting back into Pekka Rinne form. The Predators are now only six points back from the Blues and people are starting to peg this team as a group that you won't want to meet in the playoffs. If they do indeed add Hartnell (a grind and score guy that you want in the playoffs) and they keep it coming this team could actually do some damage in the playoffs.

Random Observations

  • KIMMO! There's a reason he's one of the most loved original Predators. Class act.
  • Heavy weight bout between Petter Granberg and Troy Brouwer. Only a Swede would smile after a fight...
  • The second line connects in the first period and you've got to like how they crashed the net on the play considering how few high danger chances the team was getting during the slump. Forsberg shoots, Ribeiro knocks the rebound out of the air on net, and Smith picks up that rebound for the goal.
  • The third line is also looking really good and maintaining a lot of possession. Mike Fisher and Colin Wilson are doing a good job of winning battles down low while Arvidsson is hanging out up high and looking to take advantage of the time and space if the puck cycles back up to him.
  • Pekka was SOLID. Gotta love him putting the smack down on David Backes when he tried to skate through the crease.
  • Bitetto had two MASSIVE hits on Dmitrij Jaskin. Jaskin must have insulted his grandmother's famous meatballs.
  • Backes is a THUG.
  • FIL!!!! Two hat tricks in three games with three goals in the second period. My heart exploded with an overabundance of joy... I'll be writing the rest of this from the hospital.
  • From the hospital: It happened! Wilson actually scored!
  • The fourth line was great last season with Gaustad flanked by Beck and Bourque. They were solid in the defensive zone and did a great job of getting the puck out and pinning it in the offensive zone with forechecking. Lavy's got the same thing going with Salomaki and Watson alongside Goose.
  • Nice gesture by Nashville to play Arvidsson and Bitetto in the late-game powerplay. Like Stu Grimson said, it rewards them and shows the Predators aren't trying to run the score up.

OTF's Super Duper Stars of the Game

  • Filip Forsberg: Need I say more?
  • Pekka Rinne: With over a .974 save percentage over the past five games Pekka looks to be back!
  • Craig Smith: With a goal and a beautiful assist on the Forsberg goal, Smith is in full Honey Badger form.

Tweets of the Game

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