Nashville Predators @ San Jose Sharks Game 2 Preview: Let's try that again

To be honest, despite watching the lion's share of the first game (except a few minutes when I forgot to unmute it so I wouldn't have to listen to Jeremy Roenick), I have virtually no recollection of it. Probably stretch pass-related trauma.

The San Jose Sharks

If you had to ask me to pick between some low-life pest like Antoine Roussel or Steve Ott and cherry picking the stretch pass, I would pick having to stare at Ott's face for three hours. That said, it's a fairly good strategy against Nashville's active defense.

With the Sharks' "away-ice advantage", getting the split at home is probably the most they could have hoped for, but they'll be looking to extend their series lead tonight. Despite the 5-2 spread in game one, Joe Thornton didn't register a point on the night, but that's not going to continue.

My biggest question about tonight's game is which animal from Brent Burns' menagerie is he going to let run in front of the Predators bench before the game. I'm pretty sure he stows them in his beard.

The Nashville Predators

Stop taking penalties, guys. As good as the Predators managed to look against the Ducks' league-leading powerplay, the Sharks' might as well be black magic. (This means you, Nystrom.) Ellis and Fisher even agree with me:

Pekka ended the night with an unglamorous .917, but he held up quite well against a barrage of high danger scoring chances. At the other end of the ice, Jones wasn't nearly challenged as much. That has to change.

I'm hoping the thirty minute slide the second half of the game Friday night was due to fatigue and now that they've gotten a full days rest they'll be able to keep up with the speed of the Sharks. I'm also hoping that Craig Smith is ready to go, because even 50% of Craig Smith is better than 100% of Eric Nystrom.

The Important Details

7 PM puck drop for us non-West coasters. The game will be on NBC Sports. Local radio: 102.5 The Game