On The Forecheck Podcast Episode 5: Draft Pick Breakdown and Discussion of the Trade and Buyouts

David Poile was busy during the draft. We break it all down here!

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Join us for this episode as Shaun talks to Bryan Bastin about the draft day trade between the Nashville Predators and the Minnesota Wild that sent Nick Bonino north and brought Luke Kunin to Nashville. Shaun is also joined by Eric Dunay to break down ALL of the draft picks made by the Predators.

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You can find Shaun (@SCSOTF), Bryan (@BryanBastin), and Eric (@OnTheFutureOTF) on Twitter, as well as here at OnTheForecheck.com. We’ll have extensive coverage of the free agency period that open up in less than an hour—come to OTF for the latest and best Nashville Predators news, coverage and analysis in the league. A big shoutout to Eamon Smith for editing the episode!

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