Pekka Rinne robs Carl Hagelin twice on a single breakaway, is not human

As if there were ever any doubt.

Seeing Pekka Rinne unlock a cheat code and stop pucks in remarkable ways will never get old.

Midway through the second period of Tuesday night's game, Anaheim Ducks' forward Carl Hagelin found himself on a shorthanded breakaway with miles of space between himself and Rinne. Not only did the Preds' netminder stop him cold, he dove to keep Hagelin from depositing a second opportunity.

Hagelin has tons of speed, and that breakaway was nerve-wracking just by itself. But that rebound looked like it had Rinne dead to rights. Normally, we'd say something about better to be lucky than good. This time, we'll just say better to be Pekka than not.