PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 1: A New Day

On Tape: We have Chris Link and Dan Bradley bantering about stuff. That's normal. And we decided that the third man should be none other than...

...Jon Garcia. The Predcast is back for another season, and back to being the lovable band of opinionated jerks gathering around microphones somewhere on the east side of Nashville.

In this episode:

  • A badass intro
  • Enjoyment of Jackalope's Leghorn IPA
  • Drive-by analysis of the draft
  • Trades that didn't happen
  • Free agency
  • Contracts
  • Expansion talk
  • Actual hockey talk emanating from Nashville regarding other NHL teams
  • 5TQ's
  • Kevin Fiala praise
  • Awesome obscure music selections
  • Chris Link swearing
  • Jon sits in the wrong chair
  • Expectations of contracts for Colin Wilson and Craig Smith/

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Enjoy. These are always a great deal of fun and we'll be looking for your questions/comments on our next episode.