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Rocco Grimaldi’s arbitration ends with 1-year, $1M deal

Rocco Grimaldi, who finally found a relatively-stable NHL spot with the Nashville Predators, was seeking a few hundred thousand more than the team hoped to give.

Report: Predators, Grimaldi Roughly $350k Apart on Contract

With today’s arbitration decision, it seems as if the arbitrator split the difference, considering Grimaldi’s limited actual production in 2018-19 but also the energy he brings and his clutch postseason performance in 2019—a team-leading three goals in six playoff games, which could have just been luck but was still the best thing any Preds skater did that series.

Grimaldi is a great underdog success story and made himself a fan favorite for many in his season with the Preds. We look forward to seeing what he does in the season ahead—at the very least, it won’t be boring.

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