Saturday's Dump & Chase: ARVIDTRATION DAY©

I stayed up super, super late to wait for a last minute settlement that never arrived. That makes today: ARVIDTRATION DAY©.


What Kind Of Contract Is Viktor Arvidsson Headed For? - On the Forecheck
Our very own Alex Daugherty wrote this back in February before our deep playoff run. How well have his predictions held up? This article as a lot of great stats and player comps to check out as we await...ARVIDTRATION DAY©.

What could Viktor Arvidsson's contract with Predators look like?
This article is from yesterday and reflects the hard numbers offered up by both camps.

Viktor Arvidsson Highlights / Nashville Predators - YouTube
Arvidsson could just present this video as evidence at the arbitration hearing.

Nashville Predators News

Predators hire Dan Muse as assistant coach, promote Kevin McCarthy
Fresh off his Clark Cup win with the Chicago Steel, Muse will be the first USHL coach to head directly to an NHL coaching position. Could he be the first USHL coach to be promoted directly to the NHL to win a Stanley Cup in his first season?

Chicago STEEL win! YA in overtime - YouTube
This 3 minute clip from on the glass shows Dan Muse's Chicago Steel celebrate their overtime win on a goal by Tyler Gratton that sealed up their Clark Cup championship. I love the joy and exuberance in their celebration; it reminds me of another team I know. I hope he adds more of this kind of enthusiasm to what we already have here.

Predators Sign Mazanec to One-Year Contract
PHEW! I know one guy who'll sleep better tonight.

Around the League

Ottawa Senators avoid arbitration with Ryan Dzingel | ProHockeyTalk
They not only avoided arbitration with Dzingel, they avoided arbitration entirely. I wonder what that's like...avoiding arbitration? Seems like a beautiful dream. Do you think this deal was about right? Seems spot on to me.

Ranking the NHL's Mascots |
With his recent victory in the Mascot Fan Network's NHL Mascot Bracket Challenge, Gnash has improved his standings quite a bit in less than a year. LOL @ Tampa Bay

Jagr Watch 2017: Where will Jaromir Jagr end up next season?
JAGRWATCH©: Day 21 - I'd like to thank Yahoo! for stealing JAGRWATCH. Going to have to start copyrighting stuff...

Welcome to the Bandwagon

Why fighting is allowed in the NHL - Business Insider
If you've ever wondered why fighting is allowed, the video embedded in this article should clear things up for you.

Please, send me some ideas for future Bandwagon articles. My wife is pretty much up to speed now, but she has a longer hockey history than all the newbies. I know there has to be some confusing stuff out there floating around.