Saturday's Dump & Chase: The Starving Time

We are literally starving for news of any kind. Arbitration updates? Jagr? Gnash at your birthday party?

Nashville Predators News

Star power in the NHL: Which teams have it, and how much does it take to win the Cup? | The Hockey News
Tiers. Charts. Rankings. Haters will say it's fake. However, the incredible consonant to vowel ratio in the author's name tells me to trust him.

Pekka Preview
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a sneak peak of Pekka's new mask! Looks like lots of gold (on the ceiling). It's the next to be released. So, look for the whole thing soon!

GNASH: The Predators Mascot | Nashville Predators

Gnash is available for events at exceptionally reasonable prices. Great to see he's making an honest living this off season. I wonder if you can pay him to just come and hang out and play NHL 17 with you. (Spoiler alert: He has dibs on the Preds. Who will you use?)

Around the League - Eklund - NYR/Habs talking to CHI re: Anisimov, Duchene to Hawks?
This Duchene rumor could make everyone's favorite unacknowledged rivalry a little bit more interesting. Do you think there's any truth to it?

NHL Arbitration Tracker: Ferland, Flames settle early -
Here's a great tracker to bookmark for updates on all of the arbitration madness. Will Arvidsson and the Preds reach a settlement before Arvitration Day© one week from now?

Jagr can still play at high level, Bjugstad says
JAGRWATCH: Day 14 - Leadership? Intangibles? Weird voices? Seriously, can we make this happen?

NHL 100 in 100: Max Domi drops Ryan Kesler with vicious uppercut -
Multiple replays of Kesler taking a Mike Tyson special. I'm sure we can all agree that while we wish it had happened in the playoffs, we'll take it any way we can get it.

Welcome to the Bandwagon

NHL Salary Arbitration Explained
As the arbitration window approaches, and before a few of our beloved Predators have their day in "court", learn how this whole process works. (and check out that stock photo handshake)

Why Does A Player Get Kicked Out of A Faceoff? – Hockey World Blog
If you've ever wondered why guys get kicked out of the faceoff circle, your questions have been answered. Take a look, but NO TOUCHING!!! (among other things)

Learn the fundamentals of line changes
You've heard about line changes; you've seen them happen. To a new fan, the commotion seems to come at the most inopportune time. How does all of this work? Get your answers here!