Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Day Two

It’s mostly not actual hockey news, of course.

I did try to find some interesting links about actual hockey that hadn’t already been shared, but I came up pretty short. We’ll be resuming sports content on Monday as much as we can—Ann has a sled hockey piece in the works, and Eric and Bryan have been doing some player profiles—while we wait to find out if we should kick straight into player grades or what.

We’ll also have various pieces running which aren’t about sports at all, and depending on how this goes we might start dropping non-hockey, non-coronavirus links into the D&C more often as well. (Weigh in on that if you’d like, and we’ll check in again on Monday for those of you not checking the links on weekends.)

In fact, I pretty much just found one, plus some media recs that I’m sharing today and some more I’m saving for tomorrow:

Is this enough? | Arctic Ice Hockey
I'm in agreement with Cara here; the NHL would be much better served by just using women more often in their broadcasting without making us all tune in to a Blues-Blackhawks game if we want to listen to someone smarter and less of a jerk than Mike Milbury making noises during said game.

As for the rest...

Hockey is canceled due to coronavirus, but what if we need sports? | Fear The Fin
A moving editorial about the role of sports in our lives. It is just a game, but it's also a distraction and a means of connection, and both of those matter.

How to Prevent Loneliness in a Time of Social Distancing | Scientific American
This part is so important (here's an article from the mothership about it as well). You're already here, in an online community, so that's better than the alternative might be.

Grading movies with girls’ or women’s hockey: The top four | The Ice Garden
Movie recs, in case you're bored at home!

Arena workers caught in sports shutdown | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Thinkin' about that $1.5 trillion ($1,500,000,000,000) the government dumped into the stock market earlier this week to try to calm things down, and how it worked for a couple of hours.

The population of the US was estimated at 327.2 million (327,200,000) in 2018, if you were wondering.

Athletes pitch in to help arena staff, communities impacted by COVID-19 |
It's great that they are helping. More teams' owners should be committing to do the same--it's ridiculous to leave paying for arena staff up to the employees--but that's a side issue, and this is a lovely, heartwarming piece.

Looking back at the NHL's previous postponed and shortened seasons | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Something like this has happened five times before, though only once hasn't been a labor dispute, and one of the labor disputes wasn't even on Gary Bettman's watch (though the one that he wasn't overseeing was the one that got resolved in ten days total).

Storm Advisory 3/13/20: NHL News, Links and Daily Roundup | Canes Country
Two of the Hurricanes' staff are self-quarantining after exposure in a Detroit hotel (they had the same rooms the two NBA players who've tested positive for COVID-19 had just left). I'm so glad the NHL shut down play before more people had to travel.

Some of the biggest questions the NHL faces after pausing its season |
The potential effects on the salary cap are going to be...exciting.

Where the NHL left off with season in limbo | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Some unresolved threads as things currently stand.

How NHL ultimately handles draft lottery of great interest to Senators fans |
I mean, the draft lottery is also of interest to other kinds of fans, I think. Especially depending on how the NHL resolves the playoffs situation. (If there are no playoffs, would it be fair to deprive the teams higher up in the standings of a chance at a good pick, since they have no chance at the Stanley Cup? I mean, maybe, but...)

And a final thought for the morning:

Coronavirus: What a pandemic like Covid-19 reveals about us | Vox
We're so interconnected—we depend on each other so much—and it can be so easy to forget that.