Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Gearing Up

The season approaches.

Why it's crucial for NHL teams to sign their RFAs in time for camp |
An interesting take on why the first part of the season really does matter, and why missing it for avoidable reasons causes unnecessary problems for both team and player.

Pittsburgh Penguins' Sidney Crosby rooting for Washington Capitals' Alex Ovechkin to break goals record | ESPN
Good for him, honestly.

Roundtable: NWHL rebrands | The Ice Garden
The staff at The Ice Garden discusses the rebrand of the former NWHL to the PHF, going more in-depth on the background and coming up with more informed speculation on what may have motivated the league.

NHL to prioritize international growth of game, Daly says in Q&A |
Some of the locations planned or discussed for travel for NHL games sound pretty exciting.

James Neal, Michael Frolik joining Blues camp on tryout contracts |
Well, that's unfortunate for the Neal fans remaining in Nashville.

2021 Worlds: U25 Honorable Mentions | The Ice Garden
We shared the first and second team write-ups earlier this week; now catch up on the players who didn't quite make the cuts.

Tarasenko trade request from Blues no issue, O'Reilly says |
I get that reporters had to ask about this, because if you don't ask you feel like you're slacking, but at the same time, they had to have known they weren't going to get a spicy answer. Ryan O'Reilly telling reporters that just because a teammate of his asked to be traded doesn't mean he doesn't want to be there is so cold a take it actually does circle back around to being hot, or at least funny.

Daly: NHL expects salary cap to increase by $1M in 2022-23 |
The salary cap going up would be extremely useful for everyone.

Carolina's Sebastian Aho says Hurricanes' trolling of Montreal Canadiens with Jesperi Kotkaniemi signing bonus 'pretty funny' | ESPN
The most notable thing about this article is Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon saying, "We're all in the entertainment business and we don't have a league if people aren't entertained by it." He's right, and more people in NHL offices should be aware of that.