Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Matchups, Get Your Matchups!

By the end of tonight we’ll know who’s playing whom. Finally.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Preds Ready for Chance to Clinch Division in Regular-Season Finale |
You know what would be a great day for the Preds to get over their Saturday-home-loss streak? TODAY.

Other News & Notes

Tampa Bay's process isn't complicated, so why does it work so well? | The Faceoff Circle
I feel like this is going to make a lot of Lightning fans mad, but, really, "don't be stupid" is good advice, and kudos to the Lightning for, uh, taking it.

The Fine Art Of Lying With Hockey Stats | Pension Plan Puppets
PPP's category for this post is "Empty Calories," but honestly, it's a great look at some of the pitfalls. I retweeted it yesterday saying it should be required reading, and I meant it. It's funny, and it's written as a guide to how to mislead people into believing you, but if you know how it works you won't be misled. (And if you already know how it works, it's still funny.)

Report: Former CWHL investor interested in league | The Ice Garden
With what some of the current players have said about not wanting to join the NWHL, it would be fantastic if the CWHL could get back on its feet. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the proposed NWHL teams in Montreal and Toronto if Roustan manages to revive the CWHL.

Why did the Canadian Women’s Hockey League close up shop? | Pension Plan Puppets
This is a good, thorough look at what went wrong in the first place. I think one of the most interesting and most promising points is the idea that the NWHL has higher attendance figures than the CWHL because Americans are used to watching women's college hockey--that is, that as hockey-obsessed as Canada is, getting used to watching a women's sport is an obstacle. And hey, this is where reporters and broadcasters can come in.

Four women speak out about the lack of media coverage in professional women’s hockey | Calgary Journal Online
Speaking of which...

Blue Jackets wild and wacky season now playoff-bound | NHL on NBC
I had pros and cons lists of roughly equal length for the Canadiens and the Blue Jackets to make that last playoff spot. So hey, playoffs for Seth Jones and [insert your other favorite Blue Jackets players here]!

Cold brew: Inside the NHL’s coffee obsession | The Washington Post
The built-in subheading for this story is "The NHL grind is all about the quest for the cup ... of coffee." and I'm mad about it. Also, if I drank five cups of coffee a day the way so many NHLers apparently do, either I would die or someone would kill me.

Former Coyote Craig Cunningham returns to ice with prosthetic skate |
This is incredible--both for him and in terms of the fact that we can just attach blades to prosthetic legs. That's something out of science fiction or comic books, and it's real and it's helping people. So cool.

Truth By Numbers: Do the Tampa Bay Lightning have a weakness? |
As someone on Twitter suggested, "Has anyone tried Kryptonite?"

I'm actually linking this article because of Berkshire's main focus here, which is the St. Louis Blues (spoiler: they're doing pretty darn good), and a few bulletpoints toward the end on the Colorado Avalanche (spoiler: they're also pretty darn good). Everyone is agreed that if the Avs draft first overall and win the Cup we riot, right?

Bozek back on the blueline as Team USA shoots for fifth straight world title | TheHockeyNews
If you like cheering for a Team USA that actually wins things in hockey, the women's team is doing a lot better than the men's these days. Also, Megan Bozek has one heck of a slapshot.