Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Requiem for a Dream

We’ve got some hockey links, and also some cute animal pictures.

I ran a Twitter poll last night when I was about to start gathering links, asking what y’all wanted to see today before we got to the news (we will be getting to the news starting just two hours from now).

Opinions were split.

Rachel weighed in to suggest the option I forgot, which was a generalized vent thread. Anyway, we’re going to start off with a few light links before moving on to the #content almost two-thirds of you crave: cute animals.

Hockey News & Notes

Sidney Crosby gets eliminated on his birthday | Russian Machine Never Breaks
See? It could have been worse.

NHL Scores: Elimination Friday; Maple Leafs miracle comeback | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Here's a quick rundown of all five eliminations and one non-elimination from yesterday.

That Maple Leafs - Blue Jackets series is, uh. As our colleagues at WIIM put it:

Panthers expected to part ways with GM Dale Tallon |
But will the NHL allow a cab into the bubble?

2020 Top 25 Under 25: The List | The Ice Garden
There's a lot of incredible young talent in the women's leagues. Here's the masterlist The Ice Garden put together as they start their Top 25 Under 25 (ours will be coming later this summer).

Oilers "never got our A game going" |
I...what year is this headline from? Is this after they drafted Jordan Eberle? Taylor Hall? Ryan Nugent-Hopkins? Leon Draisaitl? Connor McDavid? Alexis Laf--hold on, wait.

ZhHL adds team for 2020-21 season | The Ice Garden
The ZhHL's replacement eighth team is...named after the diameter of a hockey puck? Congrats, Toronto Six, you no longer have the weirdest name in women's hockey.

Washington Capitals announce new initiatives that focus on racial equality and diversity in hockey | Russian Machine Never Breaks
I'm tentatively excited by a lot of this, but can I just say that this sentence from the Caps' press release is...oof: "In franchise history, the Capitals have been among the most diverse teams in the NHL with 11 black players playing for the team since 1974." That's almost fifty years. 11 Black players in 46 years is among the most diverse teams in the NHL.

Hamilton returns to practice with Hurricanes |
...Hello there.

Non-Suffering News & Notes:

Please enjoy Megan Seling’s beautifully-compiled thread of goalies as kittens (more than just these two tweets, so go ahead and click through). This isn’t just any old “here’s a goalie and here’s a kitten”—these pictures have been carefully sourced and cross-referenced, and it’s so good.

Not in the mood for hockey at all, even with kittens? That’s fine too.

The littlest roars!

By popular request, some red panda #content:

And therefore another masterpiece of a Megan Seling thread (again, there’s much more where these came from):

(Get well soon, Arvy.)

On away from hockey again, let’s wrap up with a good dog.