Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Special Guest

With one to three more games remaining in the postseason, Lord Stanley’s Cup will be in attendance for the rest of the playoffs.

Fun Friday: Nashville Predators First Team All Fun | On the Forecheck
Eamon takes a look at the Preds' all-time most fun roster in this week's Fun Friday.

Admirals Garage Sale Set for September 26 | Milwaukee Admirals
I don't know if any of you are in Milwaukee, or what sort of social distancing precautions are in place at this in-person event, but the Ads are doing the same sort of game-used sale the Preds do today.

(If you go, remember to wear a mask and keep six feet of distance between yourself and anyone outside your household, and stay safe!)

3 Takeaways from Game 4 of Stanley Cup Final: Stars, Lightning thoughts | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
You already know how I feel about penalties (if it's against the rules the rest of the time, it doesn't become allowed if it's playoff overtime), so I will instead just say: man, imagine if the Preds had a power play as good as the Tampa Bay Lightning's is. It would be a beautiful dream.

Blood, Sweat, and the End of Kyle Quincey’s Career | Winging It In Motown
If you haven't watched the TSN documentary The Problem of Pain yet, it's a look at part of how hockey culture encourages players to undervalue their own safety and long-term quality of life in the interests of being a good teammate. Some of it is using pain medications without knowledge of side effects; some of it is teams trying to avoid allowing injured players to miss time. And, as JJ of Winging it in Motown asks, at what point should the NHLPA take steps to protect its players from, well, themselves?

Lightning's Steven Stamkos 'unfit to play' in Game 4 of Stanley Cup Final |
I know I keep saying it, but the Bolts would look so different if Stamkos could stay healthy, ever. I feel like he's been hurt every year since they stopped being bad, either during the postseason itself or--as now--recovering from an injury suffered before the postseason started. Maybe the year they missed even though Nikita Kucherov scored like 200 points he was better by the end of the season but it was too late, I don't remember.

Sens Place Ryan on Waivers For Buy-Out Purposes | Silver Seven
With this, following Craig Anderson's non-re-signing, the Ottawa Senators are down to zero of the players who were on that 2017 team that was one overtime goal away from the Stanley Cup Final. Incredible.

Canadiens sign defenceman Jeff Petry to four-year extension |
Petry is good at hockey, so, sure, extend him. He's also 32, so signing him to a four-year deal (at $6.25M/year) is going to look much better right now than it will in four years. But whatever.

Dam Good: Veteran Danielle Stone has 5-point outburst for HV71 | The Ice Garden
That is a lot of points to score in one game (#fancystats #analysis).

Also, MODO goalie Klara Peslarova is doing yeoman's work in the crease and getting no help whatsoever from her team; they should do something about that (further #analysis).

Maple Leafs' four paths to improving their defence this off-season |
I see, it's "trade William Nylander" season.