Saturday's Dump & Chase: This Round Is The Worst

I mean seriously...who am I supposed to root for? All the teams left range from awful to annoying to Canadian. Anybody have any ideas? I'm grasping at straws here...the idea of hate-watching like 60 games the rest of the way is unappealing, to say the least.

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Official Statement from Stanley Cup of Chowder regarding the Racists among the fanbase - Stanley Cup of Chowder

Great job standing up on this. Not all Boston sports fans are Boston Sports Fan.

Wild coach Yeo: ‘It didn’t have the feel of a game we were going to win’ | ProHockeyTalk

⌘C + ⌘V for the rest of the series. Thanks, Mike!

Rangers Vs. Penguins: That Was A Big One - Blueshirt Banter

It's about time one of these New York teams caught a break.

Quit Making Excuses For The Penguins-The Hockey Writers


Eulogy: Remembering the 2013-14 Colorado Avalanche | Puck Daddy

"As you hang up your sweaters, that appear to have been designed by the world's most boring 8-year-old, you can look back at your playoff run and feel proud of almost winning a round." To be fair, most 8-year-olds are probably pretty boring. I mean, they're 8.

The Winnipeg Jets are Stuck in the "Loser-Zone" - Arctic Ice Hockey

It's where we're at this year, too. Not bad enough for a top 5 pick, AND not good enough to make the playoffs is the absolute worst spot to be in.

Report: Florida Panthers shopping first overall pick | Puck Drunk Love

Interesting. Would they trade for #11 straight-up?

Impossible to find blame for Sharks playoff woes -

When you see it laid out like this, yeah I guess I agree. But winning is really the only thing that matters.

11 coaches who could be behind the Vancouver Canucks’ bench next season | The Province

Barry Trotz is on the list, mostly because he's a coach who doesn't have a job. Also, I find their analysis of his strengths and weaknesses to be a bit...weird.

Math major uncovers constant in pro hockey | TribLIVE

But she only has 10 years of data...I'll withhold judgement until we get a bigger sample size.

Science Has Finally Figured Out How to Win Rock-Paper-Scissors| Gizmodo

Awesome! I use rock-paper-scissors to settle every important argument.