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Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Bright Lights, Big City

NHL admits mistake in disallowing Buffalo Sabres’ last-minute tying goal | ESPN
If that one or two points in the standings has a material impact on the Sabres’ playoff or lottery chances, well. I’d say the NHL would hear about it but I’m sure they already are.

Women’s hockey is finally coming to EA Sports’ NHL franchise | The Ice Garden
The faces are…a little weird. This is cool, though!

Salary cap could go up in 2024-25, just in time for Maple Leafs and Canucks | Sportsnet.ca
Well, that’s convenient for the Maple Leafs and Canucks (and for their players).

Degenerative knee injury ends goalie Ben Bishop’s NHL career, Dallas Stars GM says | ESPN
Rough news for Bishop.

PWHPA All-Stars to face Canadian Women’s National Team | The Ice Garden
The Canadian team is looking to recover from a string of distressing losses, while the PWHPA is looking to show off their skill.

NHLPA says lack of clarity about COVID-19 protocols has players uncertain about participating in Winter Olympics | ESPN
Gary Bettman saying it will ultimately be up to the players whether they participate sure is something. Does he think someone is implying that the NHL, which did not even want NHL players going to the Olympics in the first place, would shove unwilling players onto an airplane in a duffel bag?

Hockey Night in Canada Takeaways: Flames, Oilers dealing with ‘pocket of adversity’ | Sportsnet.ca
Whom among us is not dealing with a “pocket of adversity” right now. No, really, who; what are your secrets?

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