Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Chasing the Season

The next few weeks will be busy ones.

Canadiens' Petry suffered broken finger that was source of bloodshot eyes |
I really hate the post-elimination injury reports where everyone sensible goes "wow, that's messed up!" and the players blame themselves for not hockeying better.

Tom Brady gets warning from Stanley Cup after Tampa Bay Lightning title win | ESPN
Let's...not imitate the Australian Ice Hockey League, shall we.

Quick Shifts: 'No-brainer' and most popular buyout candidates |
I'm not saying Tyler Johnson is the player he looked like in 2015, or anything, but it's not as if having him has destroyed the Tampa Bay Lightning's ability to hockey good.

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: Buffalo Beauts | The Ice Garden
The Beauts had a pretty fun draft, including the NWHL's first UK-born player to be drafted instead of signed.

Kraken announce pre-season games vs. Canucks, Oilers, Flames | Sportsnet
The Pacific Northwest has entered the chat.

The Seattle Kraken gleefully reminded NHL teams that the Expansion Draft is happening soon | RMNB
I really hope I don't end up disliking the Kraken based on their twitter the way I ended up disliking the Vegas Golden Knights based on their twitter (and a few particularly loud fans). By all means, welcome to the NHL; by all means, you sure are going to draft someone's favorite player.