Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Delay

Will the NHL season be pushed back? Probably.

Why the Nashville Predators should try the offer sheet approach | ProHockeyTalk
Anthony Cirelli, huh. Now, he did just win a Stanley Cup with the Lightning, so whether he's interested in moving is a question, but I don't hate the idea. What do y'all think?

Other News & Notes

NHL, NHLPA discussing Jan. 15 start date for 2020-21 season |
The slide begins.

2020-21 NCAA Preview: College Hockey America, part 2 | The Ice Garden
Our colleagues at TIG have some more CHA coverage as their season starts.

Mark Donnelly performs at rally, claims Canucks firing is censorship |
Firing him on Twitter was pretty tactless. I disagree with almost everything he says in this article (among other things, it's not censorship if you participate in a public event and your employer disapproves), but I cannot think of a situation in which announcing on social media that X is no longer working for you, before you've spoken to X--and in many cases even after you've spoken to X, unless there were crimes involved--is fair, kind, or reasonable.

That said, if you work for someone who is desperately trying to get a very valuable product dependent on the health of a few dozen people into production again, maybe don't headline a rally against public health initiatives, as all else aside your employer might conclude you're a health risk to the product. I'm not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice, but the NHL has been trying so hard not to have another 1919 and this does not help them.

Time running out for Flames' Gaudreau, Giordano? Pandemic Punts | ProHockeyTalk
I really want to ask the people who think the Flames just need to get rid of Johnny Gaudreau to be a good team who they think is going to score with him gone.

Reverse Retro Trades: 5 NHL swaps the hockey world's changed its mind on |
The Predators are on here twice, and not where you'd want them to be. Meanwhile, the Ottawa Senators grade out...surprisingly well? Wow.

Why the Rangers could be this year's team to make big leap | ProHockeyTalk
Ooh, pick me, I know! Is it because extremely high draft picks keep mysteriously falling into the gaping maw of a major media market, which will cheerfully send cash flooding into the NHL's vaults if the Rangers can just stop being bad but isn't sufficiently hockey-obsessed to do the same while they are ('sup, Toronto)?

6 NWHL players pop in to talk about the bubble | The Ice Garden
I've just been forcibly reminded that with the NWHL not being able to pay a living wage yet, its players have other jobs--like Connecticut Whale forward Grace Klienbach, who works in the medical field but is still planning to join the NWHL in the bubble and is regretting the loss of the regular season. I can't imagine juggling a job and a sport each that time-consuming even outside a pandemic.

'A mighty fine man': Trailblazer Fred Sasakamoose remembered at funeral |
His death was a loss both to his personal community and to the hockey community.