Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Falling to Earth

With the All-Star Weekend over, the Preds will have to dig deep for the finish of the season—and no, I don’t mean “dig deep in the hole in the standings they’re in.”

All-Star Weekend News & Notes

Josi Shines Bright as NHL All-Star Weekend Concludes in St. Louis |
The Central team did not impress--given the rest of the roster it's hard for me to be too sad about that--but Josi didn't have a bad game, at least offensively. Defensively...well, it was the All-Star Game. I’ll give him a pass this one time.

20 Awesome Things about NHL All-Star Weekend: Big names, great surprises |
In case you missed the All-Star Weekend, catch up with some highlights and notes.

Laila Anderson introduces Blues All-Stars | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
If Laila Anderson were a character in a book or movie, I'd be rolling my eyes in disbelief that the author actually expected me to buy not just the part where she got her bone marrow donor, but also all the hockey stuff. Since all this is real and scripted only at some kind of cosmic level, good for her.

NHL All-Star Game Blog: Pacific takes 2020 crown, Pastrnak named MVP |
Connor McDavid, who scored four points in forty minutes of hockey--not all of which he played--was "mostly held at bay." I know a lot of people say McDavid isn't fair, but am I the only one who means it or do some of you have that same concern?

Other News & Notes

Analyzing Tyson Barrie’s season | Pension Plan Puppets
This is a really interesting look at what you can do when the stats and the eye test conflict--something all of us have had some experience with in the past.

Q&A with Team Kuortane’s Viivi Vainikka | The Ice Garden
If you've ever wondered what life is like for the young women who will be representing Finland for a while, wonder no further.

3-on-3 overtime in NHL has evolved over past 5 seasons | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
On the one hand, I don't like articles that tell me that I'm suppose to like 3v3 because it's exciting--I don't tell y'all what to like and not like, y'all should return the favor.

On the other hand, shootouts are awful.

The 5 best lines in the NHL halfway through the 2019-20 season |
I remember when the Predators used to have an outstanding line. Alas, none of these five wear gold.

*glances between Boston, Pittsburgh, and Vegas* None of these five wear the correct gold. Gold is actually pretty well-represented.